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A "Remember Moment" in Seattle

I'd like to have a remember moment in Seattle.

Remember the muffaletta we had at the Central Grocery in N.O.?
Remember the lemon ricotta pancakes we had in Sonoma?

Will you help me with finding a restaurant, meal, drink, muffin... anything that will help me finish the phrase

Remember the ________ we had in Seattle?


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  1. Just a quick brainstorm...

    Microbrew (from whatever brewery you find to be your preference Pike's, Georgetown, Maritime, Hale's, Diamond Knot, etc)
    Tom Douglas Crab Cakes
    Steamed mussels from any number of different places
    Alaskan King at your fav seafood place WSG, Ray's, Ponti

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      Take those mussels upstairs at Maximilien in the Pike Place Market.

    2. The Sqechuan crab at Seven Stars Szechuan Restaurant. Every visitor I have taken there has left in awe.

      1. _____ the amazing selection of oysters at happy hour at Brooklyn Grille. Ruined me for oysters almost anywhere else (barring Swan Oyster Depot in San Francisco).

        ____ the catfish sandwich at lunch at Matt's at the Market.


        1. The cuban roast sandwich at Paseo's (4225 Fremont Ave N)

          1. The El Diablo (chocolate/chili/soft meringue/caramel/toasted almond dessert) at Tango's. . . . The green mango salad with grilled shrimp at GreenLeaf. . . . The rabbit at Cafe Juanita . . . . The roti canai at Malay Satay Hut. . . .

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              The El Diablo never ceases to amaze.

            2. The rabbit at Cafe Juanita
              The chicken thigh sandwich at Paseo
              The french onion soup at Lynn's Bistro in Kirkland
              The scallops (eaten raw at home) from Mutual Fish
              The meat sampler from Salumi
              and to a certain extent, the eggplant fries at Poppy because while I didn't think they were that great at the time, I have since found myself thinking about them.

              1. The Bohemian Roast Duck at Labuznik with dumplings and red cabbage. That duck tasted as good as the famous pressed duck at the Tour d'Argent in Paris.

                Many of my other Remember Moments are also from Labuznik, but I'll stop with the duck.

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                1. re: RandyB

                  Randy, The poster is seeking a "current" remember moment, not a restaurant that has been closed for years. Given that, I miss Labuznik the first cold rainy day of every fall. What a wonderful place for a great food experience.

                  1. re: RandyB

                    Yes, yes! Have never had duck like that since. Could rarely order anything else there because I loved it so much. Thanks for bringing back the memories!

                  2. I started at north end of Pike's Market, first coffee at Starbucks #1 (I know, but it was the first location). Then a hot Palmier at La Palmier, another few blocks down a hot Char Siu Bao from the vendor on the sidewalk, baked not steamed. Nice walking breakfast.

                    1. Forgot to mention the French fries at Sambar . . . . and there was a fresh cherry float I had at Cafe Juanita that I still think about . . . .

                      1. Tajarin with ragu at Spinasse. Dear lord.

                        1. BBQ Pork sandwich, mild, and ask for "extra messy" at Pecos Pit BBQ,
                          2260 1st Ave S (206) 623-0629. M-F lunch only. Eat outside.

                          1. My “remember list” includes:

                            Veal sweetbreads at Café Juanita
                            Blood sausage at Harvest Vine
                            Galician-style octopus at Harvest Vine
                            Green mango salad at Tamarind Tree
                            Meatballs at Salumi
                            Croissants at Café Besalu
                            Fresh oysters at Elliott’s

                            I also remember, with undying affection, Peter Cipra’s amazing Bavarian Duck at Labuznick. Actually, everything Peter cooked was magnificent.

                            1. Thanks for all of your advice. Here is my plan:
                              Sitka & Spruce
                              Cafe Juanita

                              Market Grill- tuna melt/grilled salmon sand.
                              Maximilian- mussels
                              Paseo- cuban roast and chicken thigh sandwiches.

                              Any place that I should miss/add??

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                              1. re: jenngen

                                wow, you gonna hit ALL of those?? Me, I'd vote for the shrimp sandwich @ Paseo, and definitely a window table at Matt's in the Market (preferably while the sun is going down).

                                1. re: malarkey

                                  I am certainly going to try. I will report back after my trip...

                                  1. re: malarkey

                                    Second the shrimp recommendation at Paseo. This all sounds great. Nishino is delicious.

                                  2. re: jenngen

                                    I'd swap Place Pigalle for Maximilian. Other than that, you've got a great list!

                                    1. re: Lauren

                                      I'd keep your Maximilien visit to happy hour, and bonus points if you make it there during good weather so you can sit on the view deck. I'm not sure I'd go solely for the mussels if the weather's bad and you are paying full price.

                                      I third the shrimp sandwich (Paseo) rec.