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Jul 31, 2009 02:17 PM

Where do you buy your olives?

I know a few grocery stores like Fairway have olive bars where you can mix and match fresh olives in a container. With all the different stores though, it's hard to figure out where the best place is to buy olives that are of good quality and at reasonable prices. Where do you usually buy your olives? What kind do you usually get and how much do they cost? Thanks!

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  1. On Long Isand I shop at BestYet they have a olive bar @$4.99 ($3.99 on sale)good varietyI mix 'em up then top off container with oil cured fast turnover pickles ,peppers and sundried tomato.when I'm in Plainview I shop John's Farms

    1. Fairway has a very good selection. The only issue I have with them is that they submerge all their olives in olive oil. This makes for a very greasy eating experience! Tends to mask the flavor as well, IMHO.

      Zabars in the city has the absolute best olive bar, best variety, and they are served in their natural brine-- no oil! I think both stores sell at $5.99/lb.

      1. Fattal's Bakery on Main St. in Patterson has a market with lots of middle eastern goods. Their olives run $3-$5 per pound; you won't find French/Spanish/Italian types, but what they have is good value.

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          Iron Tomatoe in White Plains has great green olives, unpitted greens used in my Gordon's Gin martinis.

        2. Zeytinya's in Croton and Turco's in Yorktown Heights have good olive bars with a nice variety of types and sizes, pitted and not. I don't recall the prices--good olives are a necessity.