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Jul 31, 2009 01:56 PM

Lunch in Corona???

I'll be visiting Corona this Saturday and will probably be grabbing a bite to eat out there for lunch (91 Fwy near the Lincoln Ave exit). Any recommendations on where to eat out there from those who are familiar with the area?

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  1. Corona is death. Try Blackwood Grill in Corona. They have good atmosphere, lunch specials for $7.99. Food is average to good, and worth a visit.

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      Not really lunch, but if you eat a late breakfast, go to Silver Dollar Pancake House. My relatives stop there on a trip out in that direction because the food is good and so CHEAP!!!!! It is a wonderful destination.

    2. Hi,

      I work in the area and there are lots of places we go for lunch. My favorite Mexican place in the area is Rodrigo's (Main & Parkridge), on the other side of the shopping center where Rodrigo's is there is a Cuban place that just opened not too long ago, we've been there a couple of times and thought it was good. We also really like Isabella's, a little hidden Italian place in a shopping center with a Stater Bros. and a Rite-Aid, it's like an oasis away from the craziness and the food is great. Mill Creek has terrific BBQ and ir right off the 91, you can see it from the freeway. Bangkok Bay (on Main St.) has great Thai food. There's a few suggestions for you, sorry I don't have all the addresses!