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Jul 31, 2009 01:52 PM

Best non-alcoholic beer???

I am unhappily restricted to not drinking alcohol for the immediate future so, because I do love beer, I wonder what your experience has been with some of the non-alcoholic beers?

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  1. Clausthaler seems to be the best of the big names. Would love to hear if there are any lesser known ones out there.

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      I second Clausthaler, although Saint Pauli Girl N/A is also pretty good.

    2. I like Buckler (imported from Holland by Heineken)
      * BeerAdvocate only gives it a "C"

      I've had Kaliber (imported from Ireland by Guinness)
      * yyd notes: it tastes like toast.
      * bottle notes: "Kaliber is a premium non-acoholic ale style brew imported from the makers of Guinness. The rich amber color and full-body delivers all the taste of a beer with less alcohol."
      * BeerAdvocate gives Kaliber a "C-"

      1. I always drink Corona to sober up after drinking; but I think there is some trace alcohol in there, so this might not be what you're looking for.

        When I give up drinking for periods of time, I enjoy Kombucha tea. It's fermented with yeast, so it has a vaguely familiar taste, and it's quite refreshing. Supposedly, it's also good for you.

        1. I think you'll find a thread on this if you search.

          O'Doul's Amber is an Oktoberfest. Erdinger is a hefeweizen. Both are good, I think because they're not hoppy styles, and hops seem to come off harsh in NA beers.

          Einbecker is also good.

          1. I too was unhappily restricted for a period and I tried all except St Pauli Girl N/A. I have to say the the best one I tried was Odouls Amber. Nothing will give you the taste you are really looking for though. You might also try coffee or a strong tea. They will unnerve your taste buds as well as give you a little rush if your not used to drinking them.