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Jul 31, 2009 01:32 PM

White House Beer

I don't know why I have been losing sleep over this one but here goes...

If you were called to the Obama White House to have a beer (a la the Crowley/Gates incident), what beer would you ask to be provided? Bear in mind the purpose of the meeting (make peace over a misunderstanding), the setting (Washington in July) and the scruitiny of your choice (would you pick an American brew? An everyman's beer? A small-scale favorite?). All options on the table, what do you drink?

For the record, recent selections are as follows;

Obama - Bud Light
Biden - Buckler
Gates - Sam Adams Light
Crowley - Blue Moon

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  1. The Lost Abbey - Yellow Bus or Alpine - Exponential Hoppiness

    1. I would want Ballast Point Even Keel. It's delicious, and it's just 3.6% alcohol, thus reducing significantly the odds I would make an ass of myself, even if we ended up having more than one.

      1. Why Ale To The Chief of course.

        1. It's interesting that Prof Gates ended up drinking Sam Adams Light instead of Red Stripe, due to political pressure.

          On a hot day in DC I'd probably ask for iced tea.

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          1. re: Jim Dorsch

            In case you missed Jim Koch getting interviewed about the beer selections on NPR last week. Made me chuckle.


            1. re: ted

              Pretty funny.
              Then again so were the comments that followed in the forum there.
              I have to admit, a few of them were was a non-story. Don't get me wrong: I am and have been a beer lover for a long time and like quality beer as opposed to the lwest common denominator that dominates the marketplace... but who cares what beer they drank and why does it even matter, as long as it was one they enjoyed? The attention this silly story got is really pretty astounding.

              1. re: The Professor

                I think it matters because Obama makes a lot of speeches where he talks about how he wants to see people buying electric cars made here in the USA by American companies. It would have been nice to see him following suit on the beer front.

                1. re: Josh

                  Well hey it could have wound up much worse...

          2. I'd go for a 750, for sharing, of something special. Russian River Sanctification, maybe. Koeningshoven Quad is also pretty tasty.