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Jul 31, 2009 01:19 PM

Nice place, good food, walking distance (or short cab) from the Hilton Riverside in Sept?

A friend and I are going to NO in the middle of september for some gambling and cocktails for a couple of days. We are staying at the Hilton Riverside and require at least on nice dinner away from the casino (Harrah's). It will probably be Saturday night. I am looking for someplace within walking distance or a short cab ride. I don't want to go accross town. Price is not a factor. We are looking for something unique to NO. Old classics are fine-nothing too trendy or unestablished. I know overtime some places become cliche or overrated but that is ok. We are just tourist in town for a couple of days just looking for good food. No steakhouses please. We are from Dallas and get enough of that here.

fish , oysters, fried stuff, crab...mmmmm

What about local casual lunch too?

Where should we consider?


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  1. Galatoire's is the city's Grande Dame and is within walking distance and a cab ride home would be suggested.

    Ask your waiter for suggestions, everything is good.

    1. A nice old bar/restaurant established in 1902 is Ernst Cafe. It's a block from your hotel. Poboys, gumbo, sandwiches, wraps, etc. I work a block away. We all like it for lunch and have been going since the 80's. You can eat inside or out.

      There's also Bon Ton, which will run you about $30 per person for a fantastic lunch. Another great spot for lunch with atmosphere is Napoleon House. Cheaper than Bon Ton, get a Pimm's cup and enjoy.

      I rarely do dinner in the area as I live 30+ miles away.

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        While Bon Ton is one of my favorites, I don't believe it's open on Saturdays. Definitely try to go on Friday for either lunch or dinner. Great food and great drinks, and a typical old classic.

        I suggest Luke for dinner on Saturday. It's within walking distance from Harrah's and it is unique.

        1. re: StBernardGirl

          I'm kicking myself for not going to Luke yet. Thanks for the reminder! Maybe next week when things slow down.. or Friday if I'm lucky.

          1. re: mrsfury

            Luke is having a nice happy hour special right now, 3-6, 7 days I believe. Half price cocktails and $.25 oysters (if you're an oysters in August type).

          2. re: StBernardGirl

            Luke is great! Was just there in early July and loved everything about it. It is casual but you do get quality food. The fried oyster salad there is absolutely delicious and large enough to feed 2 with about 4 oysters each.
            We had an excellent waiter by the name of Chris, who mentioned to us that he typically does work Friday and Saturday nights. If you can, ask for him!! You won't be disappointed.

            1. re: JFarah

              I went to Luke recently with an out of town guest and we were both unimpressed. The hype of the restaurant and my love of Besh's other restaurants had me practically dying to try it. I ordered the flamenkuche (which was incredibly oily and over salted), the mussels (very flavorful but terribly overcooked) and fries, and the bread pudding (it was good, but wasn't awesome enough to save the meal). The meal left me with a bad taste in my mouth for Luke.

        2. Dinner: Emeril's, Cuvee, August, Herbsaint, Galatoire's.

          1. 7 on Fulton is fun and competent. Check for specials.