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Jul 31, 2009 12:54 PM

charcuterie in l.a.?

any suggestions on where to go for good charcuterie in l.a.?


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    1. Nicole's in South Pas, Monsieur Marcel in 3rd & Fairfax FM - either one if you want to take it with you; both are pretty much confined to pates and terrines, though they have lots of sausages from other sources in their cold cases. The best I've had was at Angelique downtown when the original owners were in charge - the guy does brilliant work. I understand he's doing it again at St. Amour in Culver City.

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        A.O.C. makes their own. Then, there's the wine bar.

      2. Drago Centro has a pretty nice serving. imported and domestic ham, salumi, and nice accoutrement.