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Jul 31, 2009 12:50 PM

octopus anyone?

Anyone know a place between West Chester and Wilmington/Newark where one can get a large plate of grilled octopus? Doesn't matter whether it's Asian, Greek or Italian (or anything else for that matter) but good is implied.

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  1. That's a rather sparsely restauranted corridor for such an esoteric request. If you are willing to come into Philly, Bistro La Viola has excellent (IMHO, the best I've ever had) grilled baby octopus as an appetizer. A double order will certainly meet your requirements for quality and quantity.


    1. If you are willing to come into the city... look no further than Dmitri's at 3rd & Catherine Sts. for the best octopus in the city hands down... full plate of amazing grilled octopus, splash of red wine vinegar, olive oil, and lemon... gooooood eats!

      1. Aaaand if you want to venture into Northern Liberties, try the octupus at Standard Tap. Dmitiri's is good, but I liked Standard Tap's better. I don't think you are going to find good octupus between West Chester and Newark, DE. I live in WC and I don't really know of any place around here that makes it.

        1. I haven't been ther yet, but the Olive Tree in Downingtown on RT 113 has it on the menu. I've heard good things about the restaurant and have been meaning to go.

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            Thanks, Monty. Paid a first visit to Olive Tree last night and was favorably impressed. Worth the trip from Kennett and worth a return visit.
            First, the octopus. It's not on the menu but our server said it's a special that they "almost always" have available. The appetizer portion ($13) was big enough to share and was seved with a olive oil/lemon juice/oregano/parsley dressing and pita bread to mop it up with. The octo was chewy but not rubber bandy and nicely charred. Really good.
            My entree was chicken breast with eggplant and a greek cheese topping, sided with roast pots, carrots and brocolli. Good but kind of heavy after the appetizer. Huge portion will supply lunch today. Wife had a shrimp in spinach cream sauce that looked good (it was, she said) but I stay away from spinach. Too full to try dessert.
            The menu is very Greek with much variety. I look forward to a return trip.

            1. re: danbee1

              Your welcome. I'm actually planning to go tonight for the first time. I too have an octopus jones and don't feel like driving to Philly to D'mitri's, which is where I usually go. I'm going with a couple other people and I think we'll stick to all small plates. We'll order 5 or 6 apps and share.