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Jul 31, 2009 12:06 PM

General Food Purveyors?

I live in New York and am coming to Chicago to do a catering event. Does anyone know of any reputable wholesale/retail food suppliers who deliver? Not looking for peapod, looking for something like Baldor ( in NYC.


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  1. As in a unified source for all things "gourmet"? Not that I know of. There are specialty wholesalers that focus on certain segments (and of course larger produce wholesalers). I don't know about dealing with them on a one-off basis.

    Testa is one of the larger produce wholesalers:

    For other specialty items you'll need to hunt around. These guys do a lot of Italian specialty:

    1. European Imports for "specialty items"- cheese, caviar, foie, and so forth.

      Plitt seafood

      You can always go to restaurant depot which has plenty of everything.
      1030 W Division Street
      (between Cherry Ave & Hickory Ave)

      I'll second testa though they might be difficult to deal with on a one time basis. Market Produce is on Randolph street - a smaller, family run place.
      951 W Randolph St
      Chicago, IL 60607-2220
      (312) 666-3106‎

      Or for a really fun time grab your resale license and head to the International Produce Market and negotiate yourself some vegetables for cheap (open between 2 am and noon, but don't get there past 10 or you'll have some cranky Teamsters to deal with