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Best Drive-in Theater Food?

golightly01 Jul 31, 2009 12:01 PM

My husband and I are huge fans of drive-in movie theaters. While those within our area are 1+ hours away, we pack up the car and our son and visit them whenever we can. What a blast!

Anyone have any drive-in movie theater food favorites within the tri-state area?

Of particular note for us is the Fair Oaks Drive-in (route 17M in Middletown) for their homemade burgers. Incredible flavor and cooked to order, these burgers are hand-made with just the right seasoning and finely chopped onion worked right into the meat. The price is hard to beat: for about $5.50 you get an incredible cheeseburger and a generous portion of hot fries. YUM! We save our appetites for those burgers every time we visit.

Would love to hear about any of your favorites!

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  1. sbp RE: golightly01 Jul 31, 2009 12:28 PM

    What's a drive-in Theater? :)

    1. w
      wincountrygirl RE: golightly01 Jul 31, 2009 12:41 PM

      HUH? Unfortunately, there are no drive in theaters where I live anymore and my last trip to one was a very long time ago. I think they had good hot dogs.

      1. GIOny RE: golightly01 Jul 31, 2009 12:54 PM

        I would just love to have a list of drive in theaters! There haven't been any in Westchester in years. I think there is still one up in Dutchess. As far as food goes, just usually ate popcorn.

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        1. re: GIOny
          johnlockedema RE: GIOny Jul 31, 2009 01:13 PM


          This is the closest one to me; I went Monday night, but didn't go to the snack bar.

          1. re: GIOny
            wincountrygirl RE: GIOny Jul 31, 2009 02:17 PM

            There is a list - its a list of all the drive ins ever and what happened to them and the ones that still exist. Try a google.

            1. re: wincountrygirl
              Jon1856 RE: wincountrygirl Aug 1, 2009 03:04 PM

              At least two (2) sites with info:

            2. re: GIOny
              golightly01 RE: GIOny Jul 31, 2009 02:52 PM

              I've used the zip code search on Drive-ins.com. You can check for open drive-ins within a select distance radius (we use 60 miles), closed drive-ins, as well as any drive-ins that ever existed around you. We're in Ossining, so we visit the Fair Oaks in Middletown, the Overlook in Poughkeepsie and the Warwick in Warwick (near Sterling Forest). All are about an hour each way.

              Some have great hot dogs, burgers, pizzas and, of course, popcorn. It's always hot and fresh and the prices are usually very reasonable. Considering that most theaters only make money on their concessions (the projectors and maintenance are supposed to be very costly for drive-ins), we try to support them with our dinner and snacks. Some have homemade goods (brownies, cookies, etc.) and most have old-time movie snacks. It's really a fun time for a family -- we're thrilled to be sharing the experience with our 10 year old.

              1. re: golightly01
                GIOny RE: golightly01 Aug 1, 2009 10:41 AM

                Thanks for that info, now if I can get my DH to go maybe that would be a great Saturday night date!!

            3. coll RE: golightly01 Aug 1, 2009 03:03 AM

              We don't have a one down here on Long Island anymore, though some of the parking lots still exist on the east end. Just got a great DVD at my local library called Sunset of the Drive In Theatre, big bonus of Joe Bob Briggs throughout. Great documentary.

              Do they still show stuff like this at intermission?


              My family used to go all the time in the 60s, but since there were 8 of us (maybe more if Grandma came) I think we mostly did picnics.

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