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Jul 31, 2009 11:49 AM

Fried Rice - Hawaiian style (West Hollywood area - or not too far)

DH is craving the fried rice we had while on our honeymoon in Hawaii. I'm at a loss for Hawaiian restaurants other than Roy's, which is a bit out of the way. Any suggestions within a 15-20 minute drive of West Hollywood where we can get amazing fried rice? I read about "Uncle Moki's Original Hawaiian Shrimp Scampi" but they don't seem to have fried rice. Thanks so much in advance!!!

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  1. Hawaii style fried rice is made with short grain or calrose rice instead of the long grain or jasmine used by Chinese restaurants. About 30 minutes away from W. Hollywood to Gardena is the Gardena Bowl Coffee Shop which specializes in Hawaiian dishes. They have the "Hawaiian Royale" which is their specialty fried rice with Portuguese sausage, eggs, bacon, and other ingredients. Down the street is Bruddah's and Bob's Okazuya which also serves up authentic Hawaiian style dishes. For a little more upscale, Cherrystone is not too far from both of those places. Oh, congratulations and hope you had a nice honeymoon!

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      I prefer Bob's over Gardena Bowl.

    2. bruddah's serves up some good food but it is a bit far.

      something a bit closer to HW is rutt's in culver city/mar vista.

      1. Rutt's Hut in Culver City Washington near Sawtell. The other great place is Shakas in Alhambra, not the one in Montebello.

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          Ya. Bacon fried rice was what I once lived for. Gardena Bowl is good but way too far from you. Rutts is very good but you must say the words “Bacon Fried rice” or you will get white rice. Try the Royalls (Sp?) and be sure to order the correct portion size – King. Then maybe you will have some leftover to take home and eat again just before bedtime – island style. Also, you might not want the sprouts they pile on so tell them to keep’um.

          Shaka’s is IMO mobetta for Island style Bacon fried rice. And yes, onlt the Alhambra location does it. Also, Shakas makes some real shave ice. See my post below.

          My post. Shakas, Bacon Fried Rice & Real Shave Ice. Comfort to da Max.


          Fo da OP. You go down Rutt's and Sahka's. and pound'um. Den you report back. You will hav plenty good time and your DH will be do'in some grow'n.

        2. Thank you so much for all the suggestions!! I think we may try Rutt's Hut tonight. I will definitely report back.

          1. Koraku in Little Tokyo.
            Kind of a Japanese coffee shop but they got that style of fried rice you're looking for. They serve it plain or with an omelette on top with gravy....that's the way to go.

            314 E 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90012