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Jul 31, 2009 11:45 AM

Macarons!! ARGHH!

Argh. My first attempt at baking macarons was a disaster. I ended up eating 1/3 o fthe batter raw because it wouldn't pipe!! I think I overmeasured the powdered sugar (didnt have a scale, was just using volume) and that ended up giving me a batter that was ridiculously thick. thicker than brownies. I tried piping them, but it was almost impossible to get the batter inside hte pastry bag. Stupid pastry bag. THe opening is tiny, I can't fold down the sides, etc etc. The bag is made out of some stiff plastic material and it was a#$*$ to clean because I couldnt fold it inside out. Then, when I went to bake them, they spread sooo much. The circles were maybe 1.5 in, and now the cookies are like 3in wide! I have lots of almond powder left, but I think I might just go make a tart with it or something. ARGH!

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  1. Macarons! Do you subscribe to the Paris Breakfasts blog? You should! Not that it will help you to bake them, but will inspire you to keep at it:

    You'll love it!!!!!!

    1. Pipe? I drop them using a small ice cream scoop.

      They may hold their shape better if you chill the tray of macarons BEFORE you bake them

      1. I use the drop method. Piping the dough might make for a prettier cookie... but a blob is better than nothing!

        1. Hey, forget the piping and the pastry bag! Relax. . . . I am here to help by giving you the easiest foolproof macaroon recipe courtesy of Martha.

          I made them several times. Easy-peasy. Simple drop and shape into a pyramid of sorts.

          She also has recipes for almond and other variations. Start w/ the plain coconut, is my advice and you will be happy and de-stressed!

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            i think the OP is talking about the French variety. found this interesting looking one... snicker mararons. yet another weekend project for me...

          2. yes, to clarify. the failed macarons were of the french variety. you know, with the almond powder, powdered sugar, egg whites, etc.

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              tartelette has many macaron recipes on her site, including more traditional varieties, lol. i've made other recipes from her and they have come out very well.

              2 things -- invest in a digital scale. it will pay for itself and you will wonder how you ever baked without it. delicate pastries like this will not be consistent with volume measures. second, i tossed my pastry bag long ago and use sturdy ziploc bags that i snip off the end. piping tips fit and i can toss it rather than wash.

              until you find a recipe you like, DO NOT WING IT. follow the directions exactly until you find a winner. these are much like baking meringues. temperamental, not impossible!

              1. re: hotoynoodle

                Digital scale is really worth the $30 or so. One other bonus - faster and cleaner. no more messy measuring cups, just spoon directly into a bowl on the scale. And no more flour all over the place. I lOVE my scale.

                There is a step by step tutorial here