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Jul 31, 2009 11:07 AM

Best late night dining on Capitol Hill

Any recommendations on the best place for dinner after 10:00 this Friday? We'll be in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, and I was thinking maybe Quinn's (if it is still seating that late), but I am open to other suggestions.

No restrictions on cuisine or price point. Just looking for the best.


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  1. Many of the restaurants on the Hill are open late. Quinn’s would be a fine choice as would Café Presse. I am also fairly certain Spinasse and Anchovies and Olives are still seating that late.

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    1. re: Charles

      Mezza a new Latin inspired restaurant opened last night on 14th between Pike and Pine, and they clain to be open until 3am on Weekends.

      They don’t have a liquor licenses just yet and I needed a cold drink with diner or would have eaten there.

      The interior is cute as is the guy cooking. Smelled really good and as soon as I can have a beer or wine with my food I will try them out.

      1. re: Charles

        Ate at Mezza last night - delicious! They are still working out the kinks in the menu, but we enjoyed our tapas very much. My dining companion said it was entirely comparable to the good tapas she'd had in Spain. We enjoyed the scallops, which had an unusual wine sauce (more olive oil and spice than wine, and very tasty - get 1 star if you don't like spice), the potato tortilla (thick, dense, and well-made), and the Fruta Guyaba pulled pork (deeeee-licious! Deep pork flavor, and the texture was soft, melt-in-your-mouth velvety).

        Definitely a place to go for their grand opening (w liquor license) next Friday, 8/7!

        1. re: Charles

          Think you and evergreengirl are talking about Meza, not Mezza:

          Does anyone have a phone number for them?

          1. re: not the bad Steve

            You are right.

            The flyer they gave me doesn't have a phone number but they are supposed to be open Friday & Saturday 11am-3am and Sunday-Thursday 11am-9pm.

              1. re: not the bad Steve

                Yeah I went by as well hopefully they are just waiting to get the wine and beer license

      2. Just tried Quinn's for the first time earlier this week and it's fabbo. Truly, truly worth checking out. They serve dinner until 1 am on Fridays. Beet salad and then the mussles with chorizo, sigh...

        1. I recommend POPPY. THey have an interesting late night menu....Quinn's is ordinary in comparison....