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Sorry, I am just catching up with the rest of the world and recently bought myself an IPod.

I thought food/restaurant/cooking related podcasts would be a much more enjoyable way to spend an hour at the gym, instead of having to bear another hour of CNBC. However, when I searched this topic, I couldn't find any posts in the last couple of years.

Do any CHs have any favorite "chow" podcasts that they listen to?/ Could you share them?

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  1. I listen to:
    The Splendid Table
    The Restaurant Guys
    KCRW's Good Food

    All are available on Itunes.

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    1. re: newbatgirl

      I like all of those as well (all available on iTunes):
      On The Menu
      WOR - Food Talk with Michael Colameco
      WLRN | Food News and Views
      TBO Food Audio
      Mouthful Podcast
      ReMARKable Chef
      Eat Feed
      My Next Meal
      Food and Wine Talk
      NPR: Food Podcast

        1. re: toveggiegirl

          NPR's food podcast is sporadic but great. Same with their 'Kitchen Sisters' one.

          1. re: Emmmily

            Yes, that one is called NPR: Hidden Kitchens. I don't think they've made new ones of in a long time but they recently made the old episodes available on iTunes. Can you tell I'm a little obsessed with food podcasts??!?
            And the show that I refered to as ReMARKable Chef is actually called ReMARKarble Palate. Oops!

            1. re: toveggiegirl

              I just heard the Kitchen Sisters as part of an NPR Food podcast a few weeks ago. I learned about The Dinner Party Download while listening to The Splendid Table and find that enjoyable as well. If you like cheese, Cheese by Hand is worth a listen, though every cheesemaker seems to have the same story about challenge, starting up, etc.

              1. re: toveggiegirl

                Kitchen Sisters took some time off, but just recently a new episode showed up on my ipod (i have them download automatically), so perhaps they're back? Here's hoping!

                1. re: Emmmily

                  Culinary Institute of America
                  Simply Ming
                  The Minimalist (Mark Bittman)
                  Wine Spectator
                  Natalie Decants
                  Cook's Illustrated
                  like many podcasts, some are regular, others sporadic as to when they are posted.

                    1. re: toveggiegirl

                      I believe most of those I listed are video. Nat Decants is audio. CIA has an instructional video series; they also have audio only interviews with famous alums-mostly a marketing tool to attract students, but they can be interesting to listen to.
                      Most of the ones listed by others above (Splendid Table, et al, are audio).

                      1. re: markabauman

                        I thought so. I prefer audio podcasts because I can listen to them while I am out and about doing other things. I'll have to check out Nat Decants; it's the only one I haven't heard of thus far. Thanks. :-)

                  1. re: Emmmily

                    Unfortunately, the Kitchen Sisters just seem to rereleasing old episodes.
                    Two other podcasts I enjoy (but forgot to mention previously) are The City Cook and Authors' Answers Series from Leite's Culinaria.

                    1. re: toveggiegirl

                      I found a new podcast. It's WHYY's A Chef's Table. I've only heard two episodes but I think it is going to be a favourite.