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Jul 31, 2009 10:42 AM

Argentinian beef in Paris?

Hello, has anyone tried the majorly hyped Unico in the 11th?

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  1. Is it really hyped? A block from my apartment and always seems busy, directly across the street from Bistro Paul Bert, will wait to see further posts.

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      Hi Delucacheesemonger: It was listed among L'Observateur's 400 Lieux Branchees, and I've read lots of interesting reviews. Got a table for tonight, so will let you know. Thanks for your response.

    2. I wouldn't call it majorly hyped; I had no problem walking in on a Thursday (?) night. I enjoyed my meal there. A nice selection of cuts, perfectly prepared (at least when I went) with nicely done grilled vegetables. The Argentinian wines, including two by-the-glass offerings, were a nice change of pace. The table next to us ordered entrées, which looked pretty good too. Very cute decoration. The portions were large enough that I wouldn't have been able to do entrée-plat or plat-dessert. All in all, it's a welcome addition to this end of the city.

      1. I tried it nearly two years ago, just after it got a "best new butcher's block" award from LeFooding (I think that was the name of the award…I'm pretty sure they made up the category). Anyway, the place was rammed at the time, but hopefully things have calmed down since then. We both had steak and it was well-prepared and tasty, although I miss the 'carbón' smokiness of a real parillada. I had the 'ceviche' appetizer, which I found a bit light on flavor, but I grew up eating my mom's peruvian ceviche, so I'm not a fair judge. I can't remember the desserts for the life of me (this is 2 years later, after all), but it seems like I blogged about it: