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Wallingford, CT To Get A SONIC Drive-In

  1. OH Nooooo....
    Sonic's food is OK, but I loved the slushie-style drinks when we visited one outside Louisville. And the park-order-food delivered-eat in car thing was fun (I don't know why that seemed more special than a drive-thru...maybe it's due to my guilt of eating fast-food in the car).
    At least I live 1+ hrs. from Wallingford...

    1. According to NBC30 last night, looks like it'll be going in where the Yankee Silversmith was--good location.

      1. Hi folks,

        Pardon the interruption, but we'd just like to remind everyone to please use the Chains board if you'd like to review the menu at Sonic. It's ok to compare the menu items to local places, and after they open, posts about the service/experience at the local outpost of this national chain are fine, since that information is location-specific.

        However, the Chains board is the best place to share your thoughts on the hits and misses on Sonic's menu, where hounds nationwide can share their thoughts as well.


        1. I can't wait to give it a try!

          1. Hello,
            I just found this out .Have for many months been trying to get Sonic to come to Wallingford at that very location.
            However they decided it's great that Wallingford will be the first location in New England of Sonic .
            They picked a wonderful location I can't wait to park the car and try the food .
            Which I hear is really good .
            I am certain people will come for miles within Connecticut to try this place and maybe other area's of New England when traveling through.
            I bet they will be open in Spring because driving by there nothing seems to be going on yet.

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              Just FYI... the first Sonic in New England opened in Peabody, MA in August.

            2. Is it just me or does anyone else not "get" all of the Sonic devotion? Having lived in close proximity to Sonic in the past, I really don't get it. It's mediocre fast food. I do love the ice in their drinks but ice does not make the meal. I guess if you like the car hop schtick it's OK, but I can't say it's any better fare than other fast food joints.

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                The thing with Sonic is their advertising. People in CT have been seeing their commercials for a few years now, and have been primed to flock the joint when it actually opens. The food sucks, but that doesn't stop people from eating at Cheesecake Factory either.

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                  I understand that Sonic is also coming to Milford at the Krispy Kreme location. saw that on another board. Jay

                  Krispy Kreme
                  1440 Boston Post Rd, Milford, CT 06460

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                  I'm with you on that. When my family and I drove through to Tennessee, we stopped at a few Sonics and the food was ehh. It's the fact that CT does not have a Sonic that makes it so desirable. It was the same with Krispee Creme and look what happened to them. Once the fad is gone in CT, it will be another for lease building.

                3. They put a sonic sign up at the site.

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                    Yea i saw that can't wait to try a Toasted Steak and Cheese samwich.

                  2. They are opening next week July 14th .I plan on tasting the tater tots and the steak and cheese if they still have it on toast.
                    I love a good steak and cheese.

                    1. Folks, we're going to close this thread, and ask everyone to use the Chains board if you'd like to contribute your thoughts on the food at Sonic. Thanks.