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Jul 31, 2009 10:10 AM

Great organic farm in Cayucos

When we visit the Central Coast, we always stay in a place with a kitchen, either rental or with friends, since we enjoy cooking. On our last trip, we discovered the Old Creek Ranch in Cayucos. It's a multi-generation family-run operation - they sell certified organic, grass-fed beef, pork and lamb, as well as eggs, oranges and avocados. We bought some fresh eggs and a sirloin steak which we shared for dinner one night, and it was so good, we stopped back at the ranch on our way home and filled our cooler with steaks and chops to bring home.

To learn more, visit their website at You can ask for a price list to be emailed to you, so you can order in advance then pick up your meats at the ranch. The prices are very fair, and all the meat is frozen and packaged in convenient sizes. We'll make it a point to visit them every time we get to the area.

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  1. JudyBird,

    We love Old Creek as well. I have bought quite a bit of beef, lamb, and even goat from them. And the pork is definitely one of my favorites. They told me they feed the pigs on avocados that were too ugly to sell. They certainly are a favorite.

    I wish they were still going to the Templeton market but for those who don't want to trek down to their place, you can pick up their products at Nature's Touch in Templeton.

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      I'm glad to learn about Nature's Touch. When we visit the area, we're usually in Cambria, so the ranch isn't out of the way, but it's nice to know there's an alternative close by in case nobody is around at the ranch.