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Jul 31, 2009 09:39 AM

Dinosaur Hype

Alright, I've been hearing alot about Dinosaur, and wouldn't mind trying it. I'll be in the city next week and was wondering if it's a safe walk from the subway to Dino...Yes, you're talking to a country boy here

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  1. yes. it is a safe walk. get off at 125th st. walk west to 12th ave on 125th, because of the curve of the street it is shorter going that way than walking to 131st first and then to 12th ave

    1. I've walked there during the day, at night, in a rainstorm (yeah, I just HAD to have it right then!). I've never had any problems. Now, I wouldn't go pulling the money out of your wallet and count it as you walk there or talk loudly about how much money you have on you for dinner (yes, I know a few people in the city who have done this!) When you get to 12th Ave, you'll start to smell the smoke. How many of you are going to dinner? I ask beacuse they are almost always busy and usually want you to make reservations a week ijn advance if you want a table. You can certainly sit at the bar or the highboys if no tables are available, but callig ahead is really the best way to go.

      Here is a review I did of Dinosaur:

      and a recent trip there:
      (This one trip really sums up much of my feelings towards the Dinosaur) - FYI, I am biased as I grew up not far from the original in Syracuse, so my love for it runs deep!

      1. Thanks thew & billyboy....You just HAD to post pictures, now I need to get there tonite! Probably going for lunch, or a late lunch on a weekday

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          for lunch you wont have a problem getting a table, which is nice. Dino is one of my fave restaurants in the city. Had my 30th bday party there a few weeks ago, 35 person reservation for the back part of the main dining room was certainly made in advance :)

          Best thing to order - order of the Wings, Wango Tango flavor. Best thing they make, and the best wings I have ever had, hands down. Wash it down with a donkey punch - house specialty drink thats basically fruit punch and rum. very refreshing and strong!

        2. Totally safe....they have great wings!

          1. i went here for dinner about a month ago...havent been to dinosaur in about 2 years before this trip.

            the wait was 1.5 was a nice night and my buddy and i bought tallboys and drank them outside but i just dont think the food is worth it. the wings...which i remember were super huge...were not huge at all this time around.

            the food is solid...i just dont think it deserves the praise. i would have been just as happy at hill country or rub.