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Jul 31, 2009 09:38 AM

Best restaurants in Lower Cape

I spend a lot of my summer/fall weekends in Eastham and want to venture from my usual spots. Any suggestions? A friend of mine has recommended Buca in Harwich - any thoughts on that?

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  1. I thought Buca was just ok italian -- not as good as i get at home at many places. i might go there if i were staying in harwich but i certainly would not make the drive from eastham. a bit closer to you is impudent oyster in chatham, which i find to be consistently good over many yearsbut its not italian.

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      Agree on Buca. It's OK. Their decor and setting tries to portray a high end tuscan getaway, but the food quality and preparation don't match.
      However.... for Italian places on Cape Cod, it is probably top-10.
      I'm from Fairfield CT and my town and the surrounding towns are LOADED with very good Italian restaurants. I always have trouble finding comparable Italian on the Cape; what I usually find are decent restaurants who fall into the over-sauced, over-prepared renditons of Italian. Unfortunately, I've had to low my expectations when seeking out Italian on the Cape.
      Probably 7+ years ago I hit Nauset Beach Club (it's Italian in East Orleans) and I recall that it was pretty good. I've been wanting to get back there to try again, but most of my dining usually ends up being mid-Cape since we stay in Yarmouth. But if you are staying in Eastham, this might be something to try.

    2. We had a fabulous dinner at The Port in Harwich last weekend. The Kobe burger was out of this world (and my husband is on a quest to find the best burger and spends plenty of time in Boston looking).

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          Have you done a search? This is a well-trod topic, sort of. I won't repeat myself, but I will say that no one ever mentions Joe's at the Brley Neck Inn (Orleans). I love that place! It's just good, straightforward, non frou-frou food in a fun, warm, inviting atmosphere. I also really like The Port, and it doesn't get mentioned a lot (thanks, Weiszguy). I'll also add Mahoney's, and for fancy night out, Wequasset Inn on the Harwich/Chatham line.

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            Chillingworth's best days were decades ago.

            1. re: CapeCodGuy

              We had dinner at Chillingsworth Bistro last night. Everything we ordered was very good and the service was excellent.

          2. Nauset Beach Club in Orleans, pricey but excellent Italian
            Mahoney's Atlantic Bar and Grill in Orleans
            For outstandingly prepared seafood, Brewster Fish House
            Abba in Orleans

            1. We love The Wicked Oyster in Wellfleet. Also, catch of the Day in Wellfleet is surprisingly good, though the storefront may not look it.

              I wrote up a few of the places we've been recently here: