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Jul 31, 2009 09:06 AM

SE Kansas

After being unemployed since October, I have been granted a new contract position by the USDA to do a survey of Southeastern Kansas crops this season. So I'm looking for advice in finding some decent places to eat while on Uncle Sam's dime. Help me out hounds!

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  1. Altona: Prarie Nut Hut (mountain oysters and spectacualr burgers)
    Beaumont: Beaumont Hotel (airplanes drive up to this 1870s hotel & restaurant)
    Coffeyville: Tavern on the Plaza (steaks)
    Fredonia: Beef Burger Bob's (beef burgers are a local loose meat sandwich)
    Independence: Uncle Jack's (high quality, interesting food)
    Iola: King's Sandwich Shop (53 year old dinner)
    Iola: El Charro of Iola (mexican)
    Iola: Madison Avenue Steaks and Chops (open weekends only)
    Mulberry: Rockin K Steak & Rib (steaks, chicken, quirky setting)
    Pittsburg: 1106 Drive In (chili, burgers, homemade onion rings)
    Pittsburg: Jim's Steak House (good prices and food)

    More details on these places

    Congrats on the job!!!