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Jul 31, 2009 08:40 AM

Where to buy Chimay Blue (not at a bar)?

I had Chimay Blue for the first time recently and am in love. Where can I buy bottles of it, so I can drink it at home? I live around Grosvenor, but am willing to go into DC to buy it, or farther out in MD.

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  1. Whole foods usually carries it. I have seen it at Wegmans as well.

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    1. re: sekelmaan

      In DC, or just VA? In MD they don't.

      1. re: kallisti

        I would have thought it was store wide, but I shop in Arlington and Fairfax for the most part.

    2. Try contacting any of the following:

      The Wine Specialist
      2115 M St NW
      Washington, DC 20037
      (202) 833-0707

      Chevy Chase Wine & Spirits
      5544 Connecticut Ave NW
      Washington, DC 20015
      (202) 363-4000

      Norm's Beer & Wine
      136 Branch Rd SE
      Vienna, VA 22180
      (703) 242-0100

      There may be others closer to you but Im not as familiar with that area.

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      1. re: Insidious Rex

        CCW&S selling 750ml bottles for $13.99 each, 4-pack for $51.99.

        Thanks for the tip!

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          Apparently Calvert Woodley at VanNess has it, the guy says it's "like 10 bucks" for a 750. And Cleveland Park Wine and Spirits has it for I think he said 12.99.

        2. Trader Joe's carries several of the Chimay varieties including the blue. (At least in VA)

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            Harris Teeter carries them as well, at least the one by me has them.

          2. I would think that any reasonably good wine and beer shop will have it. It's not rare.

            1. Ha! - when I saw the post title I figured this was probably you.

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