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Jul 31, 2009 08:33 AM

Need help with Cocktail Sauce ASAP!

Daughter's beach wedding tomorrow. I make my own cocktail sauce but quantity is throwing me. How much cocktail sauce should I make for 30 Lbs of cold peeled shrimp?

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  1. A website selling trays of shrimp and sauce provided 1/2 lb of sauce per lb of shrimp. Seems like a lot, but better to not run out.

    1. Let's say you're using 15-20 count shrimp per pound (on the larger side of medium), x30 is around 600 about one teaspoon of sauce per dip...comes out to about...3.13 quarts, or 100 fluid oz. Just imagining these amounts to see if this feels right... A large supermarket yogurt container holds 27 fluid ounces, so about four of those for 600 shrimp...seems about right...perhaps one too many (a lot of horseradish to waste).

      ANSWER(drumroll)...................3-4 large (27oz.) yogurt containers

      Hope there are no hot tears shed over my silly calculation if Lil' Cousin Timmy doesn't get to dip his shrimp....

      1. I'm going to say a half cup of sauce per pound of shrimp . . . so 15 cups of sauce. Personally I'd want to be sure to have generous sauce, so would round it up to 16 cups which is a gallon. I think SaltyRaisins and I are in the same ballpark. Not sure how much sauce weighs, co can't compute corneygirl's recommendation in pounds.