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Jul 31, 2009 08:28 AM

Looking for a great place to sit on the patio, have a drink and listen to a band in the FQ

My group of friends and I (all 23-26 years old) are headed to NOLA for a bachelorette party on Labor Day weekend. We have most of our itinerary planned, but are looking for an exciting place that has a good patio to sit down, have a few drinks and listen to a live band. Since this is almost everyone's first time to new orleans, I would really appreciate some suggestions on great places to eat as well! Thanks for your help!

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  1. you might head over to Bacchanal for all of the above. local chefs do guest stints cooking there. not in the FR.Qtr, but not that far away either:

    1. Keep in mind that the Quarter will be packed because of Southern Decadence.

      1. I strongly second both comments. The Quarter will be very crazy. Bacchanal has what you describe in a very 'only in New Orleans' kind of way. However, if you insist, I think that the patio next to Rick's Cabaret would meet your needs. It is right on Bourbon so you can watch the fun on the street without having to be in it.