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Jul 31, 2009 07:52 AM

Good resto to stop for lunch close to either hwy 40 or hwy 25?

We will be driving to Quebec City next month from Toronto and plan to stop by Montreal for lunch around noon. Would some Chowhounds be kind enough to give us a few suggestions where to stop for lunch close to the highways? We prefer French or Italian, thanks!

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  1. The excellent Bombay Choupati (5011 boulevard Des Sources, 514 421-3130), the city's top south Indian restaurant, is a short drive north of the 40. Indian-Pakistani Shahi Palace (4773 boulevard Des Sources, 514 685-0000) is even closer. Boulevard des Sources is a major north-south artery on the West Island.

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      I second Shahi Palace - delish. The channa bhatura (chickpea curry with fluffy fried bread) is my personal fave. I'd second Bombay Choupati too but I still haven't been there myself.

      If Indian's not your thing or you're more in the mood for sandwiches, burgers, and the like, I also recommend Déjeuner Cosmopolitain. It's very close to the 40 and has great club sandwiches and fries, as well as many fabulous brunch items if that tickles your fancy.

      983 St-Jean Blvd.
      Pointe-Claire, QC
      H9R 5K3

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        Thanks guys,

        If no one else recommends any Italian or French places we may go for an Indian meal instead, but we do have a lot of good Indian restaurants in Toronto with an Indian population of about 750,000 and we prefer to try something different and perhaps rare. Thanks in any case!

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          If you're willing to venture as far south off the 40 as Jean-Talon, you could certainly hit up an Italian place in Little Italy. I don't have any specific ones to recommend but if you search the board maybe others do.

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            No, we do not mind getting down to Marche Jean Talon at all, because we spent a day there last time when we were in Montreal and we enjoyed Little Italy very much. It is a matter of time constraint this time because we want to get to Quebec City around 3pm, that is all.

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            Another possibility: Abu Elias, a Lebanese butcher cum grill. Not much in the way of decor or seating but fantastic food.



            Plus on your way back to the 40, you could swing by Patisserie Amal Bohsali (1420 Sauvé West, 514 920-0999) for some world-class baklava.


            1. re: carswell

              Hey thanks! We may very well try this place out, because we have never had Lebanese food before in Toronto.

              What the heck is baklava, excuse my being ignorrant. We won't be passing through hwy 40 to return to Toronto on the last day, because out last night will be spent in Montreal so we will be going home on hwys 720 and 20.

              Oh man, now I want to try both. If you were me and you could only choose one, which one would you prefer???

              Thanks a bunch for the recommendations.

              1. re: diehardlasallejai

                Baklava is a sweet pastry dessert, so you should do Abu Elias first for your sandwich, and then Patisserie Amal Bohsali for dessert. :-)

                1. re: diehardlasallejai

                  Here's a site with a pic of Lebanese baklava. Amal Bohsali's are even finer.

                  «We won't be passing through hwy 40 to return to Toronto on the last day»
                  But you'll be going to QC via the 40, right? What I was suggesting is that you leave the 40 to have lunch at Abu Elias, then drive west on Côte Vertu (which becomes Sauvé) to L'Acadie, which will take you directly back to the 40, stopping at Amal Boshali just before you hit L'Acadie.

                  «Oh man, now I want to try both.»
                  You can. Eat in at Abu Elias. Pick up a tray of baklava (and other pastries) at Amal Boshali for snacking on in the car or over the next few days. The pastries have a pretty long shelf-life and don't need to be refrigerated.

                  1. re: carswell

                    I have to say, this is the perfect plan.

        2. If you love Italian food, there is a restaurant called Dimenna on Jarry street located very near the 40. You exit at Langelier and it is just north of Langelier on Jarry. It has been around forever and it is quite good. It is not inexpensive though and you might need to go for a walk after because they serve good portions. I love their veal pizzaiola.

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          1. re: cricri7

            Oh gosh! Now I have more than enough to choose from, and I wonder if we can hit two restos instead of one before heading to Quebec City.

            Good serving sizes??? Hmmm, I would like to see that, because I am a big eater, but of course not very good when I have to drive 2.5 hours right after.

            After reading a long review about Di Menna I am very very tempted now. Maybe I should rbing my family when we return to Montreal on the last day before we check in the hotel in down town. Man, this Chowhound correspondence and internet technology have put me into many enjoyable restos and bristros in Montreal last time we spent 5 days there. The only let down so far was Rostisserie Romados.

            Thanks you!

              1. re: hungryann

                We had one whole chicken with 3 egg tarts, and the egg tarts were fine, but the chicken was kind of dry with not much taste to it, except the tatse of carbon. I had yet to find a place that could beat wood grilled chicken from Kenny Rogers Roasters, and I thought Romados would be the place, but unfortunately it was not. Nevertheless, all the other restos and bistros we went too we were very satisfied. On a side note, the Pho at Pho Lien was good, but their BBQ dishes were very weak. Hopefully this time we have better luck in Quebec City with the places recommended by numerous Chowhounds on this forum.