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Jul 31, 2009 07:29 AM

ocean spray cranberry juice -- watered down?

i drink quite a bit of the ocean spray cranberry juice.

i had some yesterday and i think they've diluted the concentrate even more than in the past. have you noticed this, or is it an "off" batch?

i notice this because typically, i dilute fruit juices even more to lessen the sweetness, and so i can slug down a greater volume of thirst-quenching liquid.

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  1. I wish the labels would SAY what the percentage of cranberry juice is in the products...I drink Northland cranberry and I recently wrote an e-mail to them to inquire how much cranberry juice is actually in the bottle...they answered 27% and also mailed me a bunch of great coupons. Probably would be better for me to switch to a straight cranberry juice product, such as Lakewood, though much more expensive. The Northland has no added sugar but sweetens it with apple and grape juices. I haven't bought Ocean Spray in a long time, though. You might consider e-mailing them!

    1. just double checked my bottle of Ocean Spray - it is 27% juice. I get the regular "cranberry juice cocktail" - used to do the "no sugar added", but that actually has more sugar per the label. It is not added, but they add grape juice which makes it sweeter and raises the grams of sugar. I also like that they are using cane or beet sugar, no HFCS.
      Anyway, I drink a lot of it as well (also diluted), and have not noticed a difference.

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      1. re: elfcook

        they add the sugar because there is less juice and more water so it looses flavor. If you are diluting it, you are getting very little actual juice so why are you paying for sugar water? Buy frozen concentrated cranberry juice and dilute it with your own water and save a lot of money. Not to mention fewer plastic bottles in the landfills.

      2. I get the 100% juice Cranberry juice. Is that the type you buy? I dilute my juices 50/50 so I really am not a good judge if its changed or not, but I can say that most cranberry juices at the grocer are much worse than the Ocean Spray brand. Its unfortunate if they ARE lessening the cranberry juice in the cocktail, because its already mostly sugar.

        1. Hey alkapal - I noticed in the store today, little packets of dried o-s cranberry juice that you add to your own, presumably, bottled water??? I think they were sugar free versions, don't know how they would get that much table sugar in a small packet - have you seen those??

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          1. re: Phurstluv

            nope... i tend to buy cran when i think my kidneys need an assist.

            1. re: alkapal

              Drink water, and take OTC cranberry supplements. I took those for years when I felt a UTI coming on and they always worked very well. I think the brand is AZO. Should be at your local drugstore.

          2. Almost all "cranberry juice cocktail" is 27% juice. It says right on the label on all of them. Nobody's trying to put one past you. What I've noticed is that the COLOR varies wildly thruout the year. From pale-ish brown/ pink to a deep ruby red. I like the Kirkland brand, but if I'm not going to costco, it's Langers or Ocean Spray, none of which have HFCS either. adam

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            1. re: adamshoe

              i know it's made from concentrate. i don't think i'm being "put upon" -- except -- i KNOW what i've had in the past, and this is weaker.

              1. re: alkapal

                Hey Alka, I didn't say "put upon", if you'll re-read my post. I'm just sayin' that CJ Cocktail has been 27% juice for about 20+ years. Altho, I remember Ocean Spray being much more tart when I was a young'un. Once made the mistake of buying 100% Cran J. @ Trader Joes- went to make my cape codder and GAG!!! It is truly 100% juice w/ no sugar!!
                Blecch!! I had to make a simple syrup and add it to the juice to make it quaffable. I guess that 100% stuff is strictly for bladder infections. Peace, adam

                1. re: adamshoe

                  <<much more tart than when I was a young'un>> like your tastes don't change??

                  1. re: adamshoe

                    adam, i found it weaker than the ones i bought just last month, so i'm going to try another batch.

                    and i inferred "Nobody's trying to put one past you" as i was "put upon" through some chicanery or misleading.

                    peace, fo'shizzle! ;-).

                  2. re: alkapal

                    as you age your taste receptors decrease, it is possible that you are just building tolerance to tart.

                  3. re: adamshoe

                    Juice cocktails all have to be at least 27% juice by federal standards, IIRC.