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Jul 31, 2009 07:07 AM

1 more meal in Napa

My husband and I will be in Yountville for 4 nights and have three dinners planned: Terra, Bottega, and Redd. It's dinner the first night we arrive (Wednesday) that we can't quite decided on. We want it to be a more casual meal, but are open to all suggestions. I'm interested in Ubuntu, but my astoundingly carnivorous husband is resisting. We talked about Ad Hoc, but my contentious hubby is wary of the fixed menu. We'll be there late Aug., so is there a venue with great outdoor seating? What about Auberge du Soleil? Does their bar/bistro area have outdoor seating? Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. You are not an unusual couple and I'll bet someone could do well by putting a couple of tables on Main St. between Ubuntu and Cole's Chop House to satisfy both partners.

    1. Brix is on the Border of Yountville, has a lovely vineyard view. and good food

      Auberge du Soleil gets very mixed reports and is best just for a drink.

      1. I share RWOrange's preferences . . .
        The bistro/bar deck at Auberge is a great place for a drink. They have a fairly extensive menu at the bar deck as well, and I have enjoyed many good snacks and casual meals there. I would personally avoid their more formal restaurant.
        I love the setting on the patio at Brix too. I think it's one of the most gorgeous places to eat in the Napa Valley. I found the food to be good, but not spectacular there - but for me the setting adds so much to the experience that it makes up for anything that might be a bit lacking in the meal. Just get there well before dark so that you can enjoy it.

        1. For casual with "great outdoor seating" you might consider Zinsvalley, mostly frequented by locals, and a bit out of the way in the city of Napa. They have a beautiful patio out back on the creek. Haven't been there in a while, so can't vouch for the food. Also, they are moving soon to the old n.v. spot downtown - September I think.

          3253 Browns Valley Rd, Napa, CA 94558

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            We really like Zinsvalley. If I recall, no corkage if that's your thing. A bit out of the way, in a strip mall, but its where the savvy locals go to eat, at reasonable prices. Check out menu.

          2. You could always book at Ad Hoc and somewhere else, and then find out what the Ad Hoc menu is for that night and see if your husband likes it, and cancel whichever other reservation. Or sign up on the Ad Hoc website to get their daily menu emailed to you, and then you can see what kinds of things that they have (and if you have any sort of portable email device, you will get to see that night's menu immediately when you're in the area when you check your email, so it will make it easier to make that decision.

            You could go to BarBersQ, to satisfy your husband's carnivorous tendencies, and they have outdoor seating (though it doesn't overlook anything interesting). I've loved their fried chicken (though that's Sunday only) and some of their sides, and family members enjoyed the ribs.