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Jul 31, 2009 06:36 AM

Chicago this week

staying on Mag Mile/Streeterville, hitting Bistro 110, just went to Spiaggias, looking for good recommendation that is Italian/Northern Italian?

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  1. Are you just looking in the area?

    Did you go to Spiaggia Spiaggia, or Cafe Spiaggia. Regardless, check out the sister restaurant.

    Other than that, Coco Pazzo is very good Tuscan. Merlo is Emilia Romagna.

    Merlo On Maple
    16 W Maple, Chicago, IL 60610

    1. i've never been to merlo on maple... always seen people eating outside - looks very nice!

      for another italian restaurant nearby, check out "il mulino." i know it's from new york, but it serves good food and has friendly service, with table-side cooking if you order the right specials and many complimentary appetizers up front.

      Il Mulino
      1150 North Dearborn Chicago, IL 60610