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Jul 31, 2009 06:35 AM

Barn Wedding in upper Hudson/Berkshires?

Hi fiance and I are looking to get married in August of 2010, and we really want to have our ceremony and reception outdoors in a farm/barn-type area where NY meets MA near the Berkshires. Everywhere we've looked so far has $5,000 site fees, which just isn't in our budget!! Anyone have thoughts of good venues/good caterers up there that won't break the bank? Anyone have experience with Savory Harvest Catering?


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  1. Been to a couple of weddings in barns, Gedney farm and another one in NYS thats name escapes me., but both were more finished - not so rustic. We had our 10th anniversary in our barn , which used to be a working barn so it was much more rustic . Roasted a pig and had pizza in the wood fired oven. If interested I could send you some pics.

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      Griller in the Mist,
      Not sure if you still use this account since this post was over a year ago but I just had to reply to you... do you rent out your barn for weddings? We are definitely looking for a more rustic feel on a small budget and if so, I would love to see your place!

      Let me know,

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        Hi there. I realize this post was about 18 months ago, but I, like Lauren, am interested in finding out if you rent out your own barn for events. We are trying to find an affordable (and not shiny) barn for our wedding/reception. Your barn sounds lovely!


      2. I wonder if the Shaker Village in Pittsfield ever hosts weddings?

        1. I don't know about a venue, but try Bywater Bistro for caterers. They did our wedding and we are still hearing about how good the food was. The do great food for a really good value. We got married at the restaurant (they have a beautiful garden on the river in back) but it only holds about 60 people.

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            1. There is a lot of Berkshire info on the New England board so you might want to post there too.

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