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Jul 31, 2009 06:16 AM

Avenues Bistro (KC - Brookside)

We're taking the kids to Starlight on Saturday and we'd like to head to our old neighborhood (Brookside) for dinner beforehand. I've heard some good buzz on Avenues. Can anyone advise if this would indeed be a good choice? Thanks!

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  1. I had lunch there once.
    The food was ok. They
    had some interesting
    sandwiches. Slightly on
    the expensive side for lunch.

    1. I took my mom for dinner on her birthday at a hound's recommendation. The food was allright, not my favorite kind of preparation, to be honest. I had fish, which was well cooked, but I guess I'm just not a big fan of fish with cheese and breadcrumbs, which weren't mentioned in the description. It was served with squash, again with cheese and breadcrumbs. I'd say they cater to Midwestern tastes, if that's fair, so it really just depends on what you're looking for? I'm looking forward to Celina Tio's restaurant opening in Brookside.

      1. My mother likes it. Once was enough for me. Amyzan- keep us posted on the new joynt.

        1. I've heard good things, from a not-so-good source, but I'd like to try it too. I'm surprised you're not heading to one of your favorites in that area- Carmen's! :-) Their eggplant parmesan was super good when I was there!

          1. After much debating - we ended up at Avenues. The service was excellent - especially the Hostess. I really wanted to love it since the service was so friendly. But the food was just ok. I guess the best why to describe it is that I felt I could have made everything myself. But we still had a nice time...our kids have obviously been watching too much Iron Chef, Top Chef and The Next Food Network Star as they both commented on the "plating" of the food (which they liked). My 9-year old also commented that her french fries reminded her of store bought french fries. What kind of food snob monsters am I raising???

            We walked over to Foo's afterwards. Very enjoyable - as always. I snuck a look at Celina Tio's new digs and it doesn't look like it's going to be ready anytime soon. Last I'd heard it was suppose to open sometime in October. Does anyone know if that is still the case?

            After we finished our meal at Avenues, Lance and I both said, "I wish we would have gone to Carmen's!" But we wanted to try someplace new (to us). For various reasons we haven't been going out much and when we do we usually go to our old standbys. I wish I had more time and energy (and money) to devote to my chow habit. That Heartland Gathering over on eGullet sounded fantastic....maybe when the kids are off to college!

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              Tio's restaurant was featured in a story on restaurants and the economy in this week's KCStar business section. She said she hopes to have the restaurant open by Labor Day, if I recall correctly. The photo made the dining room look to be in rather rough shape, but the kitchen may be close to ready to roll, so who knows? She may get her wish, and we will get some good food!

              Your kids sound like a hoot, btw. It's not a bad thing to know what you like, even when you're nine, as long as a child tries new foods from time to time. My brother was much pickier than I was when we were kids, but now he's quite an adventurous eater. So, you never know!

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                I like your kids, obviously not a part of the chicken fingers crowd. BTW, what is the Heartland Gathering?

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                  I was there. It was cool. Once in a lifetime event. At least for me.