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Jul 31, 2009 04:54 AM

Burgers at Q in Port Chester

I almost always get the Brisket sandwich but for some reason I tried the burger the other day. And I have to say it was excellent. As we discuss the best burgers in Westchester, which is a perennial discussion, Q needs to be factored in. And, though I'll probably take some arrows for this one, I would go there before I go back to Pipers Kilt.

A bit about their burger. First, they use very good beef - and a perfect amount. Not obscenely large, but not skimpy at all. Probably around 10 ounces, I'm guessing. Second, they actually cook their "medium" burger medium. Nice and rosy. Third, the bun is excellent. I'm guessing the Q connection to the Kneaded Bread bakery helps here, but they serve the burger on a great brioche bun.

I got my burger with blue cheese and bacon. The bacon is nice, flat smokey bacon.

Comes with lettuce, tomato and onion on the side if someone so chooses.

Anyhow, a very good burger. I was pleasantly surprised.

BSF is just around the corner so it's worth a comparison. These are different burgers, really. Q's is more of a higher end restauranty burger. (realizing that sort of makes no sense). BSF is definitely less expensive (Q burger is ~$10). Both use good beef. Q is a fatter burger, and in my experience, more juicy. BSF burger has great flavor. If I go to BSF nowadays it will probably be because it's cheaper, but given a choice between the two, I'd probably prefer Q for the reasons above.

One caveat is that I've only had the Q burger once. So I don't know about their consistency...

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  1. I have not tried the Q burger but I have seen it served many times and it does look very appealing. The brioche bun is the same slightly sweet roll available at Kneaded Bread. While I have some quibbles about Q -- high prices, too sweet sauce, and relatively small sides -- the consistent quality of their food is not one of them.

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    1. re: biga290

      yeah, I'm with you. It gets really pricey at Q and they could certainly be a lot more generous with their sides. That shot-glass sized ramekin doesn't really cut it, does it?

      Though, like you, I let it slide since I like their BBQ for the most part.

      1. re: adamclyde

        no it doesn't. and considering all the heat they get about it its so easy for them to correct i am very surprised they have not become more generous with the sides. i also like their chopped salad with the bbq (hold the saccarine sweet sauce) piled on top.

        1. re: biga290

          If you want to get your $$'s worth at Q take a kid on Wednesdays. Kids unter 12 eat free and it is the same kids portion that they charge $8 for regularly.

    2. Adam - by my arithmetic, the 10 oz Q burger as described (comes with lettuce and tomato, onion free and added extras of cheese and bacon and 1 side of your choice (mac n' cheese/potato salad etc. free according to the menu) is $10.75.

      Compare to a BSF standard 1 patty burger (1/3 lb = 5.3oz), with "fixins" of cheese, bacon, tomato and onion (admittedly "sauteed") added at extra cost together with small fries added at cost and I think the Q Burger is LESS expensive.

      Of course I wait to be corrected by the BSF mavens...