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Desk Snacks

While tapping away at your computer and you look at the clock.... 2 hrs before lunch or 2 hrs after..and your stomach needs a wee snack! What are your favourite destop nibbles?
My favourites are Roasted Soya beans, homemade granola bars made with oats, lots of dried fruit and golden syrup, or dried fruit slices like apple or peaches.

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  1. Hmmmm, Fresh or dried fruit and berries , yogurt, cottage cheese, trail mix or nut packs, hummus with pita chips, veggies with low fat homemade dilly dip, tuna and crackers, arare, tortilla chips with homemade salsa . All very refreshing, Yum!

      1. I'm a big fan of those Sunsweet prunes with orange or cherry essence.

        I also always keep oatmeal and raisins in my desk if I feel like having something with my coffee in the morning.

        1. Gummi Bears, original Haribo. What is golden syrup?

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            My first thought was "you know, Lyle's" but that doesn't explain it. Here's how wiki describes golden syrup: Golden syrup is a pale treacle. It is a thick, amber-colored form of inverted sugar syrup, made in the process of refining sugar cane juice into sugar, or by treatment of a sugar solution with acid. It is used in a variety of baking recipes and desserts. It has an appearance similar to honey, and is often used as a substitute for people who do not eat honey. It can also be used as a substitute for corn syrup.

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              I wonder if agave nectar is similar (to golden syrup).

              I'm glad to see this thread as I'd like some new desk snack options. Right now, I have a box of cinnamon honey grahams...and when that doesn't fit the need, I head for the vending machine for a bag of Smartfood. I really ought to get the snack-size packs of it at the store and bring my own.

              Thank god for Fridays--someone in the aisle next to me brought in still-warm bagels yesterday and I enjoyed a rosemary one with cream cheese. Yum!

              I keep saying I need to bring in my own fruit and veggies for snacking. I would like to make some hummus and bring it in with some of the tasty rosemary crostini I bought at Whole Foods.

              Edit: I like to drop the broken crostini into N.E. clam chowder at home. Waaaaaaay better than crackers!

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                Mmmm, I love agave nectar. My sis introduced me to it last year.

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                  I just discovered almond butter. I will be taking a little container of it to work to spread on my graham crackers. Yummmmmmmmmmy!

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                    Almond butter, yes!!!! It is my favorite!!! =)

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                Its a sweet sticky syrup that can be used in place of honey. Has a flavor that I believe is richer than honey. I use it to make a lovely rich caramel sauce.

              3. i keep craisins, dried blueberries, no-sugar-added applesauce and convenience soups (Campbell's soup in hands).

                1. Hm...Pretzels (especially the minis without salt--too much salt is detrimental to long-term snacking, lol), definitely all sorts of fruit, Kashi TLC bars...popcorn (especially kettle corn)...the list goes on and on!

                  Writing away about my latest 3 week adventure through China at http://katacomb.blogspot.com

                  1. That’s about the only time I do microwave popcorn. The scent gets everyone in the office on their feet!

                    1. Love the Walgreens lightly salted almonds...so nice when they're on sale, too; pumpkin seeds, raisins, roasted chickpeas and prunes are in my desk drawer right now.

                      1. Roasted soy nuts with chaat masala
                        Fiber crackers with cheese or charcuterie
                        Wasabi peanuts
                        A quick kebab from the cart downstairs if I need something more substantial

                        1. It's about 2 hours before lunch now and I'm having a chai tea and some oatmeal with berries mixed in. Yum! Around 3 this afternoon, because it's Friday, the office has "Treat Day" which could be anything from mini-doughnuts to ice cream sandwiches to cannoli. Any other day, I'd have a granola bar or fruit and yogurt or a trail mix cookie.

                          1. Cheez-its. But it doesn't matter whether I keep a small bag or a big box in the drawer, it's gone in a day or two either way.

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                              I used to have a box of the white cheddar ones in my desk, but had to stop because I had no willpower about them. And I'm usually good about chip & cracker portions.

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                                Me too. I don't even buy them anymore because of my lack of self-contol. I actually count out serving sizes for crackers when packing my lunch, but with the white chedder or chedder jack....I just won't stop until I'm covered in cheesy powder and hear my boss coming. I know...it's sad.

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                                  Me too too! and don't get me started on the Chili-Cheese Fritos :-0

                            2. Piece of fruit and some string cheese. PB and celery.

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                                I keep it in the fridge at work but ditto on the string cheese. I buy a huge pack and just tear one off whenever I get a snack craving at work!

                              2. I may be a Chowhound, but give me peanut M&Ms and I can't resist!

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                                  A weakness of mine as well. A friend always used to buy them by the pound bag to have at work and called them "pain pills".

                                2. I usually have a granola bar or trail mix, celery with PB, an apple, a 3 Muskateer bar, or whatever treat is at the office. (I'm a worker at a County Welfare Agency with lots of women, so each department has some goodie each day of the week) But I am Somersizing right now, so for my mid-morning snack I had an apple because you have to eat fruit on an empty stomach and I just had a little SOYJOY bar for my after lunch snack. But what I WANTED was one of the donuts down in my coworkers office...

                                  1. Current stash:
                                    two types of Annie's bunny crackers (whole wheat, cinnamon)
                                    two types of Publix low fat fruit & grain bars (apple and blueberry)
                                    one pack ginger chews
                                    six pack of 1.5 ounce raisin boxes
                                    Assorted two packs of saltine crackers
                                    two things of Wendy's honey-mustard sauce

                                    1. Organic Food Bar. I'm out and about a lot and some days don't get around to lunch until 2 pm. I also usually throw one in my lunch bag on days when I go to a training or conference (straining my brain more than usual makes me hungry), particularly if they are likely to have pastries since I'm GF and vegan.

                                      1. I like eating breakfast after I get to work, and I don't like eating a big lunch, so my snack drawer at work is always well stocked. My current stash includes a variety of salty snack 100 calorie packs (yes, I can eat just one a day), Special K bars (I like the new chocolate pretzel ones especially), PB cheese cracker packs (Keebler are the best), Dove individually wrapped dark chocolates (never more than 2 a day), sour gummy stars, sweet spicy Cajun snack mix, Kashi cereal cups (with milk I bring from home). My new fave are the Ritz Crackerfuls. Oh and the Slimfast Optima peanut butter crunch bars - they taste exactly like a butterfinger candy bar.

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                                        1. re: cycloneillini

                                          is the cajun snack mix something you buy or make?
                                          I saw an ad for the special K pretzel bars, I'm going to have to look for those. I really like the chex mix turtle bars lately. I'm going to also have to check out the peanut butter crunch bars. I've never looked at those!

                                          1. re: jujuthomas

                                            If you live somewhere that has a Target, it's the Archer Farms Spicy Sweet Cajun "trail mix" that comes in the resealable zip lock plastic type of bag.

                                        2. David's jumbo sunflower seeds, and only the jumbo ones.
                                          I usually have a case of Red Bull stacked in my mini-fridge. 12 hrs of looking at three computer monitors gets to me sometimes.

                                          1. I like the new Ritz flip-sides half pretzel and half Ritz and Swiss cheese

                                            1. Before the allergies, I would enjoy...

                                              0% Total w/ Hi-Lo Protein cereal from TJ's

                                              Rice cakes w/ Apple Butter or Apricot Jam

                                              Prepackaged boxes of Sesame Seaweed from Whole Foods

                                              Trail Mix - toasted soy beans, mini choc or carbo chips, chopped nuts, etc.

                                              The Egg White Salad from TJ's with some Ak-Mok crackers

                                              1. For me it has to be something relatively un-tempting yet satisfying. My current fave is sesame Ryvita - lots of flavour, filling, yet not something I'd munch my way through a boxful.
                                                I tried rice-crackers, but my colleagues found them too tempting and after a day out of the office I found half of them had gone (food is deemed public property where I work).

                                                1. I don't have a desk anymore (laid off-stupid economy) but I would always take with me a Nature Valley granola bar (Roasted Almond, usually) for breakfast @ work.

                                                  For snacks, I like something that mixes protein in for satiety. A couple of Trader Joe's PB-filled pretzels, apples with PB, etc.

                                                  For a treat, I really like Corn Nuts (Chile Picante!) or a little bowl of wonton soup from the Chinese restaurant down the street. If I wanted something sweet I might get a fresh Rice Krispie treat from the local bakery. Now, though, I have enough time to make my own!

                                                  1. An apple or plaintain chips...

                                                    1. When I had a desk, before we got downsized, I kept a stash of little bags of of ramen from the Asian market - they came in various exotic flavors. The labels were mostly unintelligible, so it was an adventure seeing what it would taste like when I nuked a bowlful.

                                                      1. String cheese (I keep a few in a ziplock in the fridge), dried cranberries, fruit leather, raw almonds.

                                                        1. These days I keep a stash of Jordans cereal bars (oats n honey), Apple flavoured rice cakes, salted cashews, chilli flavoured oat cakes and strawberry soy milk
                                                          Always looking for something new to try. Wonder if I can find PB crackers in Scotland, does not seem to have lots of PB snacks in the supermarkets.

                                                          1. Good and Plenty, Milk Duds, sometimes Oreos, and I have a tupperware container with Fruit Loops in it in my flipper.

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                                                              Have you tried the new Oreo Stix? They are soooooooooo cute, I just picked up a box. They're like Oreo pirouette cookies.

                                                              I bought two big bags of snacky stuff to portion in my own little baggies and bring to work:
                                                              Smartfood, as mentioned previously, and Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips. They're yummy!
                                                              No, excuse me, according to their website, H C Sun Chips are "the big cheese of snack foods!"

                                                            2. Pipette tips and eppendorf tubes.

                                                              Just kidding :) I work in a molecular genetics lab so my "desk" is a lab bench. Not the best idea to eat there. If I want a snack, I have to (unfortunately) go out into the hallway and scarf something quick. I'm a big fan of Clif bars.

                                                              1. Some days little baggies of dried fruit and mini wheats . Other days baby cookies(yes indeed the old teethers) but low in fast. And when I am bad.....a nice Lindt chocolate bar and or the small baby jelly beans that are flavored and you cannot stop till they are finished.

                                                                1. Lately, I've been dipping sugar snap peas in ssamjang...Deelicious! If you can't get your hands on my mom's ssamjang, spreading some garlic and herb lite laughing cow cheese comes in at a close second.

                                                                  1. The Stash ...

                                                                    Banana and PB

                                                                    Nut mixture of dry roasted no salt cashews, lighly salted almonds, wasabi peas, sesame stick and dried cranberries

                                                                    String Cheese


                                                                    Granola bites (new little treat we just got in Bermuda)

                                                                    1. Nuts: almonds, cashews, or macadamias; and fruit: whatever's in season, and/or bananas. Occasionally dark chocolate.

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                                                                      1. I'm with Peg; for me it has to be satisfying, but not something that i'll overdo it on. My desk staples typically include:

                                                                        -wasabi peas (always have a ginormous bag on hand)
                                                                        -kashi granola bars

                                                                        for regulars (as I usually eat my breakfast at work)
                                                                        -protein drink mix
                                                                        -granola for the morning yogurt mix-in (i also have a container of maple flax crunchies for similar purchase)

                                                                        I also have occasionally; sunflower seeds or dried fruit.

                                                                        I stopped keeping things in the fridge because I work with anal fridge-keepers who tended to throw out the "weird" looking stuff, or things I had frozen past their dates (like yogurt or soy products).

                                                                        Thankfully i'm not overly tempted to snack at work, because most people bring in sweets, and i'm not particularly tempted by those.

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                                                                        1. re: im_nomad

                                                                          I'm a salt fiend so i love chex mix and sunflower seeds- Bigs sunflower seeds are awesome- The Bacon Salt seeds are my go-to! I'm addicted

                                                                        2. Pretzels! With either almond butter, chocolate peanut butter or avocados. Yum.

                                                                          1. True confession: MUNCHOS POTATO CRISPS. And I have been known to search the vending machines floor by floor till I hit the jackpot and find the magical orange bag!

                                                                            Of course, they go great with a Coke, but I try to drink that very sparingly.

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                                                                            1. re: kattyeyes

                                                                              I have a BIG SOFT SPOT for Munchos !! First thing I do when I get off the plane when going home is find a bag! I get to enjoy once or twice a year, depends how many times I make it home.

                                                                              Then when I get a bag I do the Munchos happy dance while eating and I do not share!

                                                                              1. re: kattyeyes

                                                                                Yes. Oh Yes. Munchos. They are wonderful! The convenience store downstairs here at my work has them. And they DO go great with soda - however, I usually combine them with Dr. Pepper. That's lunch some days - and those are GOOD days! :)

                                                                                1. re: Missy2U

                                                                                  Pringles jalapeno ranch are even better than munchos.

                                                                                  1. re: millygirl

                                                                                    Don't make me have a food fight with you. ;) No way! Sacrilege!

                                                                              2. i keep dry roasted almonds at the desk and sliced pastrami or turkey in the fridge.

                                                                                1. Low sodium V8 is my first go-to.

                                                                                  When I'm being unhealthy, I reach for M&Ms, sour cream & onion chips, Snyders of Hanover's buttermilk ranch (or garlic bread) pretzel pieces, or Hapi wasabi peas.

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                                                                                  1. re: OCAnn

                                                                                    Hey wait a minute, pretzels!! They're my healthy food :)

                                                                                    1. re: millygirl

                                                                                      I know--pretzels are considerably less "naughty" then some of my other options. ;)