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What L.A. restaurants have caffeine-free Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi on tap?

I know Daphne's Greek Cafe has it, and last time (ages ago) that I was at Corner Bakery, they had it. Who else has it?

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  1. Fuddruckers has the Pepsi version...used to have Coke but changed over when they went temporarily insane I guess. The Habit in La Verne has the Coke version.

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      Tried The Habit in El Segundo last night and they had on-tap caffeine-free Diet Coke. Also, a fine burger they agreed to stuff into a lettuce wrap (albeit it was a giant clamshell of iceberg).

    2. I've noticed caffeine-free Diet Coke at many Baja Fresh locations.

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          Wow, really? I haven't seen it at the ones near me. Anybody else?

        2. Marie Callender's has Caffiene free Diet Coke

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            I believe that the Marie Callendar's near us (and I thought it was a chain wide mandate) offers only Pepsi. No Coke! Pepsi!! (channeling a little John Belushi there)....

          2. I'd also love to know which places have Coke Zero on tap. To my family, Coke Zero is way better than Diet Coke. Like the original poster, we have seen it at Corner Bakery, but that's about it, any other places?

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              T-Burgers in Monrovia and Azusa come to mind. I've seen it at a few other places but I can't recall any particulars at the moment.

              1. The Baja Fresh on Wilshire at Museum Square has CF Diet Coke.

                And most Grand Luxe Cafe's have Fresca, which isn't cola but is diet and CF.

                  1. Most of The Habit locations have it. Tragically, the one on Ventura near Van Nuys does not. Also on a smaller scale the bagel place (New York Bagel Cafe I think) in the shopping center on Van Nuys and Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks has it too.

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                        Nom nom nom... thank you. Need to make a Sunday lunch stop there again! Buckets of seafood and soda, yes!

                    1. Wahoo's has caffeine free Diet Pepsi.

                      1. you got to wonder why more places do not offer it or at least diet sprite

                        1. Panera Bread has caffeine free Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi. (Any other places? It's been awhile since this thread was active and I'm back on the reduce-the-caffeine wagon.)

                          1. out of curiosity,
                            why do you specifically want it on tap?
                            i've heard that they use different phoney sweeteners for their on-tap formulations because the sweeteners they use in their canned formulations aren't stable enough to hold up in an on-tap environment.

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