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Jul 30, 2009 11:43 PM

Shanghai-Style Dim Sum in the Los Angeles area?

I've been to numerous restaurants that serve traditional/Cantonese dim sum in the San Gabriel Valley and on the westside, but have not found any restaurants that serve Shanghai-style dim sum. Does anyone know of any eateries that serve that on the weekends? Items in particular I'm trying to find: crispy donut stick (yo tiao), shao bing, sweet soy bean milk, xiao long bao, scallion pancakes, sweet red bean pancakes, etc. Please help!

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  1. One of the popular choices is Yung Ho: 533 W Valley Blvd
    San Gabriel, CA 91778

    Technically, they're more of a Taiwanese cafe but it's all the items you're asking about. I don't think Yung Ho is stellar - I definitely don't think their xiao long bao is much to talk about, but they do a decent Northern breakfast.

    Mei Long Village is my fave Shanghai restaurant in the SGV but I've never been there for breakfast - may be worth investigating.

    1. Actually this type of breakfast is not confined to the Shanghai area.

      Yung Ho is indeed what you're looking for.

      1. Kang Kang Food Court has that. It's not limited to Shanghai, as was said above.

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          Is Kang Kang's breakfast stuff that good? I usually only go there either for 1) shaved ice or 2) the pan-fried XLB but I've never explored much else beyond that.

          Also: based on my trips to Shanghai to visit family, I would concur: what's being described isn't really a Shanghai-style breakfast. I don't know if I've seen anywhere in LA that serves up something you'd expect to find in a local spot; they do noodles and pastries I've never seen in the States.

        2. That's not really Shanghainese per se, nowadays it's more likely you'll find the best iterations of these dishes at Taiwanese joints than at purely Shanghai places.

          Dings, Yung Ho, Kang Kang, etc. will all scratch that itch for you.

          1. Along with thise mentioned above, you could try Mei-lin Tou Chiang in Alhambra and Yi-Mei in Monterey Park. They're also quite good and have youtiao, shaobing, danbing, congyoubing, and all that (go to Shanghainese places for XLB, though). Search the archive for these restaurants and foods and you'll find a number of posts.