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Jul 30, 2009 11:26 PM

Hamburgers: Searching for a good hamburger restaurant in Toronto

Searching for a good hamburger restaurant in Toronto. Is the Senator diner still open? Want to have something like a great cheeseburger,or a hamburger,( like a diner. ) Also: Kingston: Chez Piggy: anything new with their lunch or dinner menu? Marc

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  1. Try Hazel's Diner at Yonge and Lawrence. We had lunch there the other day and while we were eating our BLT's and grilled cheeses noticed a burger go by. It looked very good. A friend went back later in the week to try it and said it was very nice. Might be worth a visit.

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      and more i'm sure.

      allen's seems to be a board favourite, I thought it was quite good.

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        Had a burger at Hazels about 15 minutes ago. It sucked. Dry and very well done. Little flavor, no juice. Asked for it to be medium rare-server replied "We don't cook to colour". Should have changed my order right then. Oh well-very good fries though.

        1. Studio Cafe, Bloor Street Diner, Steak & Burger, Bassels.

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            Steak & Burger and Bassels? ;-)

          2. Now that you've discovered Globe Bistro, you should try out the burger they serve. It's available on the patio menu.