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Jul 30, 2009 11:14 PM

Where can i buy Pink Salt in Sydney

Hello all. Trying to take a shot at making my own bacon but the supermarkets don't seem to sell pink salt. I checked at Cyril's fine foods in the city and they advised me to try a 'health food store'. Would anyone know any shop in particular ? Cheers

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  1. May want to try David Jones, or perhaps Simon Johnson. ALso theres an quite good little deli in the Fish market - quite a nice place to wander around if your in the area. Pyrmont Market on the first Saturday of the month may possibly be another choice - but if not its always a good palce for a coffee and quality breaky roll ! :)

    Efit : Ocello that new Cheese place in Darlinghurst also has a few úniquish'cooking items, and while you r in the area check out Thomas Dux grocers in Crown st.


    1. i think most supermarkets stock it. i saw it in the IGA in pyrmont a few days ago.


      1. Hi, I'm trying to find the same thing. Monday i will try my local butcher tho' some people suggest asian grocers tho' I haven't had any luck there so far.
        I understand that the pink salt is dyed to make it recognisable from regular salt because the preserving salt has nitrites in it and you wouldn't want to sprinkle that on your food. Don't get confused with the murray river pink salt which is different again. best of luck if I find any i'll post here-david from Ryde

        1. Harris Farms at Broadway stocks it. It's on the shorter shelves with the international ingredients near the meat fridge. I'm not sure about other Harris Farms locations though.

          1. You might find sodium nitrate packaged as 'prague powder'. Prague powder is white. I get this from my butcher.