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Jul 30, 2009 10:16 PM

updates on philly

just looking for some updates on what's available in philly, will be there next weekend for a concert and am curious what our options are

also, are there any meat restaurants that will be open friday early afternoon where i can pick up food for shabbos

thanks in advance for your help

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  1. Not first hand info, but it is does get updated and it's a start.

    You should also search this board for recent reviews.

    For Shabbos take-out I would suggest Shoprite in Cherry Hill (I'm pretty sure they have cooked chickens). If you are traveling on 95 (either north or south) it's an easier detour than going into Lower Merion or the Northeast (I assume you will be in Center City)

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    1. re: vallevin

      The link you provided has not been updated since 2008 and has some incorrect information on it. Cafe Shifra is now closed for instance.

      Yes ShopRite in Cherry Hill will have hot chickens available but you will not only have to deal with shore traffic (hey it is Friday!) but you also need to pay the $4 "get out of NJ tax" to cross the bridge back to PA. I would suggest going to the Acme in Narberth /Penn Valley instead (610-668-1738) Their chicken is all great (several types, call to see what they have) and they have a much larger selection of side dishes, all which are excellent.! They also have all types of baked goods, both prepackaged and from the bakery and of course grocery items. They also do lovely fresh fruit bowls in many sizes.

      For a wonderful sweet treat try Homemade Goodies by Roz if you are in the city. She is between Lombard and South on 5th. All her cakes, cookies, cupcakes, etc are parve and are so good! I personally sampled cookies and a cupcake just this week.
      HTH some and enjioy the show!

      1. re: Prettypoodle

        is acme a not jewish store, meaning is it a viable place to get kosher food (chicekn and sides) as late as like 4, 5 on friday

    2. Shoelace, what is the location of the concert? As people have mentioned there are different parts of town that make more sense depending on where you will be. I know there are concert venues in Center City, South Philly(Sports Complex), and Camden(NJ). Also, will you have a car or are you using public transit?

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      1. re: avitrek

        the concert is at festival pier, if that means anything to you

        were gonna just stay in a random hotel for shabbos and hang out, as none of the people going are concerned about having to find a shul for shabbos

        well be coming from ny, but will have cars to get around but would prefer to not be hunting down in 12 different directions, if theres something with 15 minutes of that area where we can pick stuff up for shabbos, that would be great, also somethig for sat night and sunday lunch or brunch :-)

        wow im demanding

        thanks for all your help

        1. re: shoelace

          Ok, the concert is at Penn's Landing. If you are driving from NY on Friday I would suggest going to the Shop Rite in Cherry Hill on your way into Philly. You're driving through NJ anyway so there won't be a double toll. Saturday night I'd suggest the vegetarian chinese restaurants assuming you accept their hashgacha, beyond that I'm not sure what's open. By the way, there are shuls in Center City(the entire area is theoretically walkable), so if you want to go to shul you will have options.

          1. re: avitrek

            what does theorectially walkable mean

            other question, and this might just be a ny thing, but is there a shul that a group of girls can walk into without eitehr feeling really uncomfortable and out of place or like theyre walking intoa meat market

            1. re: shoelace

              If you take the two rivers, Vine St, and South St as the boundaries of Center city, then it's a 2 mi by 1 mi rectangle. I would call 3 miles walkable, but some may disagree. Either way, that's the worst case, odds are you'll be closer.

              1. re: avitrek

                and penns landing is on one of the rivers, correct? i apologize for asking what must sound like a dumb question for u, but id be moe than happy to ask any geography questions abt the 5 boros :-)

                sorry, just havent found a map that labels the different areas in phlly that includes all these areas

          2. re: shoelace

            unfortunately sat night, not much is going on in philly, call espresso cafe in northeast as they might be open(30min drive)
            Sun brunch, again usually not much going on, go to Roz to p/u some bake goods or have lunch at Mamas(the best falafel in NE)

            1. re: RobPerdome

              Desperately searching pizza last night (sat. night). espresso cafe and holyland were closed. is there really no option for brunch this morning? staying northeast, going to bala cynwyd later this morning.