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Jul 30, 2009 10:07 PM

Good, reasonable dinners in Reno? Also, area farmers markets?

We'll be staying in Reno for a few nights -- will be spending most of our days in Tahoe, and we have that pretty well covered. However, we're not familiar with Reno and will be looking for some good dinners. Italian, Chinese, Thai, Indian, and BBQ are possibilities. Or maybe a good diner. What's best in these categories on a budget? Atmosphere isn't really a consideration, just great food. Also, we will probably be pulling into town late on a Monday night. What are our options, say for 9 or 10 PM?

One other thing: What's the best Tuesday or Wednesday farmers market in either Tahoe or Reno? I ask because we once went to a market held at the Biltmore in Crystal Bay, and it was truly pathetic --- almost as bad as the so-called farmers markets here in Vegas. Hey, I'm not expecting SF Ferry Plaza, but am hoping for a nice selection of fresh fruit and veg that should be noticeably better that what's available at the grocery store. I did a search and found the following for Tuesdays:
Reno: Shoppers Square
Sparks: United Methodist Church
South Lake Tahoe: Certified Farmers Market
Kings Beach: State Rec. Area

Wednesday: Somersett Towne Square, Reno

Any preferences?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The best farmer's market in the area is Victorian Square in Sparks on Thursday, but that's canceled this week because of Hot August Nights, I believe. The others are so far behind as far as I can tell it's hard to rank them. I haven't been to the Tahoe Farmers Markets, though.
      Italian: LaVecchia at Moana and South Virginia, Zozo's nearby on Lakeside and Moana. There's an informal new place called Bella Italia at 8155 S Virginia St. It's the shopping center with Scolari's and In-N-Out Burger. I Love the pasta there.
      Chinese is tougher. I like Caie's on South Meadows Parkway by the Smith's grocery store.
      Thai: Reno, in my opinion, is a gold mine for Thai places. Most are good. My favorite is Bangkok Cusine on Mount Rose Street (not the Mount Rose Highway) near South Virginia Street. But I also like Thai Chili at 1030 S. Virginia St., Thai Lotus at Neil Road and South Virginia Street and Saigon 88, which is a Vietnamese and Thai Place in Sparks. Also in Sparks is Isan, which is at Pyramid and McCarran.
      Indian: Kabob and Curry at South Virginia and Vassar Street. In fact, I think I'll go there for lunch.
      Other Vietnamese is SK Noodles also at Pyramid and McCarran in Sparks. They do good Chinese food, too. Pho 777 on East SEcond Street near downtown Reno; Asian Noodles on Plumb Lane in the Costco Shopping Center. A couple others whose names slip my mind right now.
      Reno is also king of all you can eat sushi. The best place in my opinion is Hiroba Sushi on Lakeside Drive. But it's so popular you'll have to go at off hours.
      Sushi Pier also does good all you can eat sushi, both locations, and the other really good sushi place in town that I've tried is Kokopelli's in Circus Circus.
      If you're willing to spend a little bit of money, I'd suggest Sezmu and Fourth Street Bistro, although both are going to be difficult to get into during Hot August Nights, I suspect.
      Flightsurg: You're kind of isolated at the Grand Sierra. On Mill Street east of the Grand Sierra is a soul food kind of place call M&M's Fish and Chicken Shack. It's in a strip mall at Mill Street and Terminal Way. It can be hit and miss but sometimes the food is pretty good there. West of the Grand Sierra on Mill Street is a new location for Scooper's, which offcers 1950s style hamburger and shakes. Not gourmet but definitely a sugar and fat overload. Drive through only, though.

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        Thanks so much for the detailed reply -- I was hoping you'd jump in! Do you know anything about an Oakland-style BBQ place in town, maybe 2 years old or so? A friend told me about it, and I can't get in touch with him.

        Anyway, we'll be sure to report back after the trip.

        1. re: Steve Green

          Hmm, I'm spacing on the name, but it's on Wells AVenue about five blocks north of Vassar.

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          By the way, Hiroba is on Skyline Boulevard, not Lakeside Drive.

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            I echo the thanks and my apologies to Steve G for the misplaced post and hijacking of his post (or should I say attempted hijack, since I was saved from committing the full monty!)

            I look forward to reading the Vegas posts on Southwest...

        3. Steve's got most of your questions covered, but I'll chime in with a few...I prefer the Saturday morning market on California and Booth over the Sparks Thursday market - much less of a scene - more about the food than the party. The Oakland-style bbq is The Barbecue House and I believe it's on the corner of Roberts and Wells. I ditto Steve on Asian Noodles, Thai Chili and Sezmu. Enjoy your stay.

          1. In general, I agree with Steve and Nancy, though I much prefer Luciano's on Lakeside over Zozo's, where I've had pretty pedestrian Italian food - won't be going back. La Vecchia was also very good the last time I was there, and I've always had a good meal there.

            Bangkok Thai has opened a new location on South Virginia at Crummer Lane (next to the Super 8 motel). The inside is gorgeous, and the food is very good, too. Steve's right about all the good Thai places here.

            For me, the farmer's market on Saturday morning at California and Booth is the best of the bunch, though you won't confuse it with the Sonoma farmer's market.

            If you want BBQ, I'd pick BJ's inn Sparks at McCarran and Prater (Silver State shopping plaza, I think it's called).

            Lastly, I had luch at El Sazon on Moana (pretty new place) and had good carnitas the time I tried it. El Sazon has other locations in town, too. Murrieta's has also opened a new cantina on South Virginia (in the pink Scolari's shopping center), and I've had several good meals there since they opened.

            Hope this helps.