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Jul 30, 2009 09:30 PM

Ottawa - which of these restaurants would you choose?

Help needed! I have been given this list of restaurants to choose from. I have never been to any of them so I am looking for your recommendation. I would prefer something casual with great food. Here are the choices: Arc Lounge, Whalesbone, Navarra, Murray street, Benitz Bistro.

What is your pick?

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  1. Murray Street for sure...great food, great host.

    1. whalesbone, hands down.

      great food. no pretentiousness (sp?), and the couple of seats they have in front of the open kitchen is always fun.

      1. I second Whalesbone. Love it there!

        1. No one picked Navarra? I thought the menu looked interesting! Whalesbone does look like an amazing place for seafood.

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            Navarra is an awesome restaurant, just doesn't really fit into 'casual' dining. Whalesbone is definitley casual, though a touch on the expensive side, but the food is definitley worth it. Murray Street is casual enough, and has great pricing - the food is on the rich side, lots of fatty meats and cheese. Benitz Bistro is fantastic, maybe a touch more formal though as well.