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Jul 30, 2009 08:45 PM

Inexpensive French?

I see there is a thread on Moderately priced French cuisine, but I am afraid that is a bit out of my reach. Is there such a thing as inexpensive French food in NYC? I am not a stickler for service or being fancy, just good French dishes. Particularly cheese dishes. Is there any hope of finding something affordable? What is the lowest I could expect to pay for decent (tollerable?) food?

Oh, and while I will be in upper mid-town, I am willing to wander anywhere in Manhattan.

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  1. It would be helpful if you would give us a per person dollar figure for food only that you would be comfortable with, keeping in mind that you will have to add drinks, tax and tip.

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      The cheaper the better. I guess I am more looking for what is the cheapest you know about than what is good at this price range. I am definitely thinking in the under $25 category, I think.

      1. re: cloudship

        Look in to: Bar Artisanal (very affordable)
        I also love a good ol' croque madame/monsieur at L'Express

        1. re: cloudship

          Here are a few suggestions.

          $24.07 3-course lunch prix fixe:
          Tocqueville -
          Nougatine at Jean Georges -
          Bar Breton -
          Artisanal -

          La Petite Auberge: $19.75 3-course lunch prix fixe -

          Gascogne: $21 3-course lunch prix fixe (Mon.-Fri.); $20 3-course brunch prix fixe (Sat. & Sun.)

          La Bonne Soupe: $17.95 = choice of soup + bread, salad, dessert & beverage (glass of wine, beer, soda or coffee

      2. A lunch would definitely be cheaper than dinner - Le Gigot in the Village has a well priced prix fixe. You might also look into La Bonne Soupe in Midtown, which I believe has reopened.

        1. Cosette on East 32nd is pretty inexpensive at lunch. Also, the "Dejeuner au Fromage" at Artisanal for lunch is about $18. You may have to skip wine to meet your budget but the plate comes with 3 cheeses, sliced apples and pears, grapes, dates, fresh dressed greens on the side and bread. Yum.

          1. Tartine in the West Village is the only one I would call really inexpensive. It's also a byo, and the lines are usually very long because the food is delicious.

            The early bird dinner (seated before 7:30) @ Gascogne could be considered "really inexpensive" as well.

            1. Bar Boulud (although, not entirely "cheap") has the best "affordable" french food in the city. You could also check out their sister DBGB, for a more relaxed dining

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              1. re: MustLoveFood

                While I haven't been to DBGB, I have been to Bar Boulud. The ambiance is very relaxed, so what is it about DBGB that leads you t say that is provides "more relaxed dining"?

                Also, I disagree with yout statement that Bar Boulud has "the best 'affordable' french [sic] food in the city." The food is very good, particularly the superb charcuterie. But there are are many other French restaurants that serve as good or even superior cuisine at what I would consider "affordable" prices, especially at lunch.

                1. re: RGR

                  "there are are many other French restaurants that serve as good or even superior cuisine at what I would consider "affordable" prices, especially at lunch."

                  RGR, could you recommend a few, specifically for lunch ?

                  1. re: dump123456789

                    Hey, dump,

                    From the list in my post upthread (4th one down), I'd especially recommend Tocqueville and Nougatine.


                    Others I really like which are somewhat higher in price but still, imo, "affordable":

                    EMP's 2 for $28 -

                    Jean Georges' 2 for $29 -

                    Allegretti's 2 for $24 or 3 for $28 -