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Jul 30, 2009 08:44 PM

Gwyneth Paltrow kills her dinner guests

Watching this video segment of Gwynnie preparing roasted chicken and salad, I got nervous when I saw her pluck sprigs of herbs from a plateful while stuffing a chicken, not washing her hands to avoid contaminating the leftovers.

However, I actually started yelling at my computer screen when she popped her chicken in the oven, swiped her bare palm over the cutting board she'd used to debone it, AND PICKED UP THE GREENS TO BEGIN HER SALAD!

Stop her before she serves me lunch!

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  1. haha they disabled comments, i wonder if that's why? they should put some sort of disclaimer! Maybe it was just a badly cut video.

    1. None of the stuff she used to stuff the chicken got used for anything else. Wasteful, maybe, but there's no indication of cross-contamination. Matter of fact, it's a fair bet she did two chickens, especially if she was feeding the crew.

      As to the salad, the whole set changes after she puts the chicken in the oven. A washing-up scene isn't very entertaining. Don't become hysterical just because it ends up on the cutting room floor.

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      1. re: alanbarnes

        Looking at the video with possible contamination in mind, I think the pepper mill and olive oil bottles are more likely sources of cross contamination between the chicken and the salad. I don't recall ever washing the outside of either item in my kitchen. On the other hand, I don't usually pick up either with hands that are wet with chicken juices.

        In any case, it is naive to assume that a video like this shows every second from start to stop. Note, for example, the change in cutting board. At one point she cuts the chicken on a white plastic one. Later there's a wood one.

      2. You need to get your eyes checked. She uses a plastic cutting board for the chicken and after that she has a huge wooden cutting board. She also has two knives. And like alanbarnes noted we're not seeing what got edited out. Altough I'm pretty sure she only did one chicken.

        I know everybody likes to get their hate on for Gwyneth because she's such a vainglorious boob. But in this case, there's nothing to get worked up about.

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        1. re: SnackHappy

          I was wrong about the two knives. Looks like one knife.

        2. People are quick to accuse. Killing her dinner guests? Please!
          So much is edited out. Even when they show TV chefs washing their hands they do an inadequate job.

          1. Folks, folks, folks -- tongue in cheek. I'm not LITERALLY accusing her of killing people. And nope, I hadn't noticed the cutting-board switcheroo. However:

            1. As pointed out below, she's still touching raw herbs, oil, pepper and salt with contaminated hands.

            2. This is a cooking-instruction video, aimed at novice cooks who don't know how to roast a chicken and make a salad. I feel any instructor who doesn't highlight the importance of food-handling techniques is derelict in her duties.

            3. To edit out the cleanup entirely is a HUGE mistake. You'd fail a college video-directing class if you omitted something so crucial. You cannot expect an audience to realize a light-colored plastic cutting board has turned into a light-colored wooden one -- something that happens midway through the chicken prep, not between dishes. There's media literacy, and there's misleading editing.

            It's a mistake in editing and conception, and it illustrates the classic, textbook food contamination hazard of making salad after prepping chicken. That exact example is the first thing I ever learned about food safety.