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Jul 30, 2009 08:35 PM

Pizza in Monmouth County

Any recommendations for where to enjoy a good pizza in Monmouth County NJ?

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    If you like thin crust pizza, THIS is the place!! Not that doughy crap with a gallon of oil on it! blah!

    I just love this place!!! BYOB, waitress service in the back dining room. It is a hike for me, but worth it! I love the shrimp scampi pie and the white clam pie when I am in the mood for a specialty pizza.


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      I'm going to disagree with you somewhat with regard to the pizza at Denino's. While the crust is certainly not thick, it is not extremely thin either. Pete & Elda's is the place for pizza with a crackingly crisp wafer-thin crust. In fact, some of those who don't like the pizza at Pete &Elda's -- including my good friend, bgut -- say that they feel the crust is much too cracker-like. I like it because, to me, it's very much like a pastry crust.

      In any case, we've been to Denino's once, and while I thought the pizza was fine, I prefer Pete & Elda's.

      1. re: RGR

        R - I'm honored that you recall my dislike for P&E's pizza. :)

        1. re: bgut1

          b., We so infrequently disagree that when we do, it sticks firmly in the old noggin. :)

          1. re: bgut1

            I agree with you bgut1... I also dislike Pete & Elders tastes like a Ritz cracker with ketchup on it. Papas in Trenton (Burg) is my favorite ! Worth the drive.

            1. re: Tapas52

              Thanks Tapas. My favorite is DeLorenzo's.

      2. There are several discussions on the topic. To simply name drop and give you search material, try: Pete & Elda's (Neptune), Vic's (Bradley), Maria's (Manasquan), Jimmy's(Asbury), etc.

        Newer favorites include Coal Fired Oven in Bradley Beach and Stella Marina in Asbury Park

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        1. re: MGZ

          2nd on the recommendation of the Stella Marina pizza. The funghi is one of my all time favorites.

        2. Where in Monmouth County are you looking and where are you from? I know many will recommned Pete a& Elda or Vic's but if you are from Hudson Co or Manhattan - these will be considered average at best. The best and most consistent I have found in Luigi's In Lincroft.

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          1. re: stickman731

            Thanks, stickman731, for the Luigi recommendation; I live in Manhattan and am often in Manalapan or Marlboro visiting with family

            1. re: stickman731

              Make sure you go to the correct Luigi's. They're not all the same.

              I second the opinion on Luigi's. But it's thin-ish, not truly thin like, e.g. Pete&Elda's. One thing to note about it, the pizza tends to be a little oilier than other places. That's a plus or minus, depending on your preferences. But it is always tasty.

              1. re: cantkick

                Cantkick is correct on choosing the correct Luigi's. Here is the address - it is the backend of the little strip mall behind the Subway on Rte 520 (Newman SPrings Road).

                Luigi's Famous Pizza
                650 Newman Springs Rd, Lincroft, NJ 07738 (732) 842-2122

                If you like thick pizza try Ninette's on Shrewsbury Avenue in Tinton Falls, near the A&P.

                1. re: stickman731

                  The Luigis in Hazlet is very good, moved here from NY, dont hold it agaianst me lol.

            2. a REALLY nice thin crust gluten free pizza and reasonable

              Santino's Pizza Etc
              35 Sylvania Ave, Neptune, NJ 07753

              1. Stefano`s,has one of the few `ny` style crusts that actually `snap` when you fold the pizza. Excellent if not slightly over-doughy sicilian slice,the `round` slice has good ingredients and worth teh cafeteria style-join the hs kids in line for lunch proceedure to pay.They have `salad` pizza slices which are interesting.In all,its fast paced if not almost rude service is made up for the decent slices they put out.You will need to pass 2 other pizzas on same block to get here.This is better than your avg NJ pizza but not quite `ny` 35 main st Freehold near the hall of Records

                Stefano's Pizzeria & Restaurant
                35 E Main St, Freehold, NJ 07728