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Jul 30, 2009 08:00 PM

Perth Amboy, NJ - Any Tips On Which Ethnic Places Are Tried & True?

I've been working over in the Keasby NJ area and decided to take a ride into Perth Amboy today looking for lunch and was amazed at the Latino presence. That only means one thing to me - foodie heaven!

With so many storefronts to choose from, can anyone provide some feedback on which establishments are worth visiting where I won't waste my heard-earned buck? I love all Latino food and I hear that there are some Eastern European joints here as well.

I tried doing some seraches on the board before starting this new post but came up rather empty handed.
All recommendations are appreciated!

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    1. My go to spots Perth Amboy

      Breakfast- Fried Egg Ham and Cheese from the Europa Deli ($3.50). I can't get away from this place for this simple sandwich. They might have my favorite bread of any place in Middlesex/Union county and I try a lot. They'll cook the eggs any way you want. I like mine with a just warm, silky yolk that soaks into the bread and they never let me down.

      Lunch- Sirloin Skewers from Latin Grill (Peruvian). ($8-9) 4 pieces of grilled sirloin slathered with garlic, butter and parsley and served over two golden brown fried potato slices about a half inch thick and three inches in diameter that suck up all the juicy goods from the steak and the sauce

      I also love the stuffed avocado ($7). It's simple just grilled chicken mayo peas carrots and green beans but its made to order with that day's grilled chicken. Get the green hot sauce if you like some kick.

      Dinner Cohibas (Cuban), I forget what it's called (papa relleno maybe?) but it's basically a mashed potato stuffed with meat and then deep fried and it's delicious. Also any of the stewed beef or chicken. I've worked my way through most of the menu here and haven't been disappointed. Prices here are very reasonable.

      There's a ton of places to eat on Smith St. Some are good (Garibaldi's for hole in the wall Mexican with jukebox) there are a ton of different places up and down but parking is tough.

      I used to recommend the Dominican Chimmi's at Rancho but the old lady who used to work there hasn't been there the last bunch of times I've been there. Whoever took over makes a sandwich nothing like her. The meat isn't seasoned the same, the bread isn't toasted the same, it's a mess unfortunately compared to what it used to be. I don't go here anymore.

      My go to Dominican place now is located on Market St. I don't have the exact address or name off hand but it's a big orange building on a corner. There's no way to miss it. Walk inside up the stairs and you'll see a bunch of items behind the glass. Mangu (mashed plantains topped with vinagered red onions) Big piles of Con Con (rice that's been toasted on the bottom to a golden color), regular rice , couple types of beans, pork shoulder.... There's a lot of different things to try here. This is family cooking at it's best, IMO.

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        JRD: Thanks so much for taking time to share your knowledge and thanks to Shabby for the bump.

        If anyone else has further suggestions, let 'em fly!

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          The Dominican Place in the orange builing on Market St. is no more, unfortunately. There's a sign saying another restaurant will be opening there soon.