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Restaurant Week

So..where are you going? Suggestions? Places to avoid? Best bang for your buck?

I apologize if there's already been a board about this; a longtime lurker, I finally made an account and am ready to join in all the wonderful conversations!

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  1. We're going to Sorellina on the first day (Sunday the 9th). Haven't been there in a long time, and their RW menu has some nice options. T.W. Food also looks good, and Rialto always does a great job with RW.

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      any tips on what to order RW at Sorelina's. my DC and have date there tonight

    2. We're going to Mama Maria's and have reservations for he La Terrazza room on the 2nd floor w/a view of North Sq. Haven't been back since they 1st opened, so am looking forward to it. http://mammamaria.com/

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        Has anyone been &/or what's the RW menu?

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          I went last Sunday and thought it was quite good. The RW menu includes a good fraction (at least half, but I didn't count rigorously) of the options on the regular menu -- probably 4-5 choices for app and main, with 3 dessert options. I had the steak tartare with mushrooms as an app, and the fruitti di mare as a main; my DC had the arugala salad and the mushroom ravioli. Everything was quite good, with the fruitti di mare (lots of seafood in a brothy tomato sauce on top of orzo-like pasta) standing out.

      2. I have reservations at Sorellina and Uni (sushi restaurant next to/related to Clio) Never been to either one, and I've heard great things about Sorellina and Clio, so I can't wait!


        1. We're going to Sage. We haven't been to the "new (to us)" location, the RW menu was available on Sat. night (babysitter considerations), we loved the "old" Sage, and the RW menu had definite appeal. A lot of times I look at the RW menu and don't find enough that my dh and I would both enjoy but Sage looks like a winner.


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            Thinking of going there on Saturday night, too, but couldn't find the actual RW menu online.
            Been there three times since they moved and always had good meals. Can be hectic service, though.

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              Here's my report back on the Sage RW experience:

              Had 6:30 reservations for Sat night but traffic was non-existent and parking abundant so we ended up there at 6pm. They happily took us in (we were only the 3rd party in the place). Started with cocktails (Sage Ghost for dh -- a nice herby vodka based drink and a good Sidecar for me) and ordered the chick pea capponata to go with the bread basket of foccacia while we relaxed and looked at the menu. Capponata was delicious.

              I started with the gnocchi which was not only delicious but a generous portion that was a meal in itself. dh had the calamari which he enjoyed. For my main I had the chicken milanese which was a breaded and fried chicken breast (HUGE) with an arugula salad on top. It's a bit heavier than my usual preferred meal so I mostly enjoyed the salad and about 1/4 of the chicken (dh at another 1/4 and had the rest on a sandwich for lunch the next day). dh had the duck which he seemed to like.

              For dessert I had the cookies and dh had the strawberry sorbet. The cookies were 2 ok macaroons, 1 delicious almond cookie, one delicious chocolate cookie, and a choc biscotti that was ok. I also had decaf. dh liked his sorbet a lot.

              Service was fine. When we left at 8 the place was not even 1/2 full. We sat at a table in the bar area and I do have to say I won't do that again due to the fact that the bar stools/chairs were unbelievably uncomfortable.

              Total for 2 RW meals, 2 cocktails, 2 gl of wine (a nice verdicchio and a so-so pinot noir rose), 1 coffee was $125.


            2. I'm going to Mamma Maria and Toro for dinner, and Upstairs on the Square for lunch. I think Toro is an especially good deal since it is the only time they take reservations, and basically the whole menu is available.

              I've also had good restaurant week experiences at Harvest and Meritage.

              My opinion is that places that have prix fixe menus in the $30-$40 range year-round (T. W. Food, EVOO, Flora, among others) generally aren't the best options during RW, even if the menu looks good -- why deal with the crowds and the risk of overwhelmed service when you could get the same deal any time?

              1. L'espalier and Aquitaine for lunch, No. 9 Park for dinner. Have never been to any of them and figured we'd give them a shot since we are finally moving out of the grad student lack-of-income group and into the adults-with-a-small-income group.

                1. Anyone know if Gargoyle's RW menu is the same as the regular menu? A lot of the dishes sound familiar...

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                    Locke-Ober and Asana for lunch. Saturday, the 8th we are going to the 111 Chophouse in Worcester as part of Worcester Restaurant Week......$20.09 for dinner and a fabulous menu including shrimp cocktail and fried calamari for appetizers, a 14oz. ribeye for main course and great dessert selections too. There are several selections for each. I have been to 111 before and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. An added benefit is the large parking lot. There are many restaurants participating. Check it out.

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                      Gargoyle's is a compilation of their "best of the best".....we went last night and had a fabulous time...the Duck is my husband's proclaimed "last meal on earth." Had the tuna poke app, and tiramisu for dessert with strawberries.....

                    2. We went to Banq last evening - very good, though my app was a little cold - putting that on the RW madness, I'd definitely give them another chance. Going to DaVinci on Friday this week, Meritage and Locke Ober (both dinner) next week.

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                        Anyone been to Flora for RW? Would appreciate tips and reviews.

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                          So we went to Meritage and Locke Ober last week. Meritage was the best RW meal we had this year, especially the tuna entree which was divine. Locke Ober was anothere xperience altogether. Got seated at 7:35 for a 7:30 reservation. Ordered drinks, drinks came by 7:45, orders taken, including a bottle of wine. Apps delivered in less than 5 minutes, before any bread came. This even took our server by surprise, as he commented that the apps were "shot out of a cannon". Entrees arrived before app dishes cleared (and with my wife putting the last bite of her app in her mouth). Entrees done with by 8:20, at which point we asked our server not to bring dessert until after we finished our wine. Left restuarant at 8:30 ONLY because we made them wait on dessert. I made sure I filled out the comment card that while I expect a meal to take less time during RW (what with the burn and turn sensibility), that less than 1 hour was unacceptable, especially when you order drinks and wine, as it's obvious, you aren't there just to spend $66.18 on food and drink water. Our only bad RW experience this year.

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                            We went to both Meritage and Locke Ober for RW in the spring and had the same experience. Meritage, great. Locke Ober, bleh food and felt like we were rushed and under-served (and had also ordered a mediocre bottle of wine).

                        2. Went to Tangierino last night - short wait for table we had reserved for 8:00; bar out of sangria (!). Three diners all had the chicken b'stilla app which was tremendous. One diner had the vegetable couscous, which was fine for what it was, but she was kicking herself for not getting the "royal" couscous, which came with braised lamb shank. I ordered that, and the lamb was good but not great. The entree of the night was my other DC's almond crusted cod on top of risotto which was sublime. Desserts were forgettable. Service was good but SLOW. Our dinner was a 2 hour affair all told.

                          1. Went to the Blue Room late with friends, not remembering/knowing it was restaurant week. We ended up ordering one of the RW menus because the food sounded so good, and wasn't available a la carte.

                            Totally recommend. The mussels were good, but the pork posole was utterly fantastic. Chef sent additional taste of watermelon and feta salad with some kind of unidentified vinaigrette that tasted a little of brown sugar? The lemon buttermilk pudding was also crazy good, both rich and bright.

                            1. I enjoyed RW lunch yesterday at Grotto. This place is a favorite neighborhood place of mine that I don't remember to frequent enough. The garlic soup was like eating liquid garlic bread (which is a good thing IMO) and the potato gnocchi with braised short rib and mushrooms was cooked perfectly but a little too salty. The dessert was just meh.

                              On a sidenote, I've never done RW lunch and it is good but tough to do when you've got to go back to the office!

                              1. Went to Toscano on Monday night. Among my top three RW meals of all time. (The other two were No. 9 Park last winter and Icarus several years ago.)
                                Very impressed by the range of offerings - number of choices.

                                I had orecchiette with veal and the sea scallops. Both fabulous...five large scallops, perfectly done in a creamy leek sauce. Large helping of spinach. Having eaten all that - i only had room for sorbet for dessert. Friends had the tiramisu and both left it, didn't like it at all. I tasted it, and thought it was fine, but I didn't know what to expect, since I am not a tiramisu fan.
                                All in all, a great meal. Good service, great friends, we scored a good table in the front. And the $25 Chianti was definitely drinkable.

                                1. Went to Asana last night. Had a very good experience with both the service and food. One of the few times that I didn't feel ripped off during restaurant week. I got the foi gras, mussels in green curry, and strawberry napolean dessert. All were excellent especially the mussels. The other big hit at the table was the asian bbq porkchop that was served like a deconstructed asian pork bun. The sous chef came out at the end to make sure we had enjoyed our meals which we surely did.