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Jul 30, 2009 07:00 PM

12 year old twins who LOVE food

My niece and nephew are in town and its their birthday next Friday. They are far more daring in their food choices then most adults I know.

Their behavior in restaurants is excellent. Price (high or low) is not an issue.

ideas in Philly? Maybe Vietnamese?

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  1. while Washington ave. may have better vietnamese, the one Pho place in Chinatown is really really good, and Chinatown may be more fun for them. (can't think of the name, but it's definitely a pho joint, not Vietnam or Vietnam palace).
    Also: Distrito? Seems like they would be very excited about the decor and the fun food.

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      Pho Cali is the Pho place in Chinatown. Not worthwhile IMO--if you just want good Pho in a quick-service type place you're better off at Pho Ha, Pho 75, or even Pho Hoa on Washington. There is a Pho 75 in Chinatown also but i haven't been there, maybe that is good. If you're doing Chinatown do Chinese, Rangoon, Banana Leaf, etc.

      If you want Vietnamese the only place to go is Nam Phuong at 11th & Wash. Much larger and more adventurous menu than Vietnam in Chinatown. Seafood hot pots, tripe soup, pork skin, great clams, etc. plus more standard Vietnamese fare. The roll your own spring roll platters (never remember what its called, its unclear is on the menu, but its the section under appetizers) are great. Get the large one with the grape leaf meatballs, shrimp w/ sugarcane, and pork. Kids would probably like the interactivity of this plus it is delicious. The food is better than Vietnam, as well as cheaper.

      I also agree that Distrito might be a good choice with the atmosphere + food combo being a sweet spot for foodie kids. I wonder if they can make good virgin margaritas and cocktails?

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        Pho 75 is the place I was referring to, but I just got back from Pho Train and it was so good!!

    2. My son, who is a moderately adventurous eater, loves Rangoon. I think Distrito is an excellent suggestion, the food is great and the decor is really fun. Amada is also fun for being able to try a lot of things. Morimoto is also a fun place where I could see adventurous kids really enjoying themselves.

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        I second Rangoon. A great place for the adventurous to order lots of apps and share. And the menu is quite extensive.


        1. re: brightman

          Thank you! these are good suggestions and I will keep looking throughout the week to check for more!