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Jul 30, 2009 06:45 PM

Viñedos Malagòn

Has anyone tried wines from Viñedos Malagòn, a Mexican winemaker? I am impressed with their reds. They have a slight saltiness, a characteristic they share with wines from the more easterly region of the Guadalupe Valley. This characteristic may not sound appealing but I find it interesting.

There wines, like many smaller producers, are generally impossible to find in the US but if you have encountered a bottle or glass, I would like to know what you think.

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  1. Hey Ringo Gato.I know this winery but haven't been, it's been on my radar though. Steve Dryden, the Baja Times wine writer who lives in the Valle de Guadalupe always speaks highly of this place. I will try it soon I'm sure. I just went to a fabulous tasting at EMEVE though. Check them out sometime, also the JC Bravo Carignan. They're both in Ejido El Porvenir.