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Jul 30, 2009 05:53 PM

Bistrot La Minette

I ate at La Minette last night and it was incredible. It was my first time there and have been hearing good things. In this little French bistro craze in Philly, this is THE most authentic of them all by far. Fries, and onion soup don't make a real bistro people, this place is like being in France for real. Frogs legs, awesome snails, braised rabbit with handmade noodles and ridiculous good raspberry tart. I see the word "bistro" get thrown around an awful lot for restaurants that aren't actually bistros. Example Bibou of late...Bibou is a fabulous restaurant, but it's simply not a bistro. I'm a sucker for authenticity and La Minette has me! I will return and their outdoor courtyard seating is beautiful. Good place for larger parties as well with a nice private dinner table.

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  1. I stumbled upon La Minette a few weeks ago. We had their lunch special, which I think was $14.00, and everything we had was excellent! I don't remember everything that we had, but there were 3 of us and we each had different items and loved every one. I had a quiche and then a duck leg, my girlfriend had a simple Salade Verde and even that was a notch above the ordinary.
    We also sat outside in their courtyard and it was easy to forget you were in Philadelphia.

    1. Finally got to try Minette & loved, absolutely loved it.

      1. I add my kudos here. We have been here many many times. Each time better then the last. Not only is the food wonderful, but the service has been amazing. Highly recommend it for a romantic dinner or a birthday party with friends.

        1. As far I as can tell, nowhere does Bibou advertise itself as a "Bistro"..

          although plenty of writers and yelp reviewers have referred to it as such..

          1. Went there on new years eve - also really liked it.
            agree that it has a very authentic feel. i liked the soap dispensers made from old Ricard pitchers.
            highlight might have been the tarte tatin dessert.