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Jul 30, 2009 05:14 PM

Along the 210 east of Pasadena

Driving to Palm Springs tomorrow eve. I know the traffic will about send me into a catatonic frenzy so, please offer up a couple of stops. One for dinner, maybe one for a dessert. I am leaning towards Babita but, any other suggestions?

KQ :)

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  1. Dessert: Donut Man in Glendora.

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      Thanks azibo - I've had my fair share but, no donut man for me this time.

    2. Zelo's in Arcadia (near Monrovia) for some tasty, unique cornmeal crust pizza. There are a plethora of frozen yogurt places if you're into that. Sinbala and Genki Living are in the same plaza on Baldwin & Duarte (also in Arcadia) and offer some pretty refreshing shaved ice. Peach Cafe used to only serve dinner on Friday evening-perhaps you can see if they still do. They always have a great dessert selection. Merengue is a Cuban bakery down the street from Peach. I don't think it's as good as Portos but they have quite a selection. That part of Monrovia will most likely be pretty crowded because of the street fair/ farmers' market but maybe you could kill some time there as well!

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        crystaw -
        Thanx these are GREAT suggestions. According to their website the Peach Cafe closes at 3:00 but, I LOVE the F.M. option. What food vendor options should I seek?

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          The Peach Cafe no longer opens regularly on Friday nights. They host a special dinner about once every three them to get on the e-mail list...but no longer do a regular dinner night.

          1. Babita, while good, is really not "along" the 210. It's quite a bit of distance south of the 210 along San Gabriel Blvd. ... just eye-balling it I'd say Babita is a good 5 mile detour south of the 210.

            A good place that is right off the 210 is Wolf Burgers, exit Lake Ave. and it's about 1/2 mile south of the exit.

            On the north side of the 210, also on the Lake exit, is Tonny's. Good mexican joint.

            Right next to Tonny's is El Pollo Unico, which makes pretty good grilled chicken (think El Pollo Loco but better).

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              Tonny's is one door west of Lake on Orange Grove, and if you're coming north from the 210 you're positioned exactly right to turn left on OG (there's a turn light) and then pull into the parking lot behind the restaurant. The Pollo Unico is EAST of Lake in a ghastly-to-get-in-and-out-of strip mall, and the restaurant in there is some other burrito joint of no great distinction, NOT Tonny's.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                I love El Pollo Unico -- it's absolutely addictive -- but I don't think it's open for dinner. (I'll admit I've never tried, but it's in my head firmly as a "lunch" place.

              2. Going west to east....

                Monrovia: Many places along Myrtle...Rudy's, Caffe Opera, Masilla (sp?), but be aware that Myrtle is closed between Walnut (just north of Huntington) and Lemon for the family festival and will be crowded.

                Azusa: Max's for Mexican and Margaritas, just south of Foothill Bl. on Azusa Ave.

                Glendora: Spagetti Eddie's for Italian. In the Sports Chalet shopping centers at the Grand Ave. North exit. T. Phillips for steaks & such, north of Foothill on Glendora Ave. (take Grand north to Foothill, turn right to Glendora Ave., then left.

                La Verne: Charlie's Bistro for Italian. On Foothill, just east of Fruit St. The original T. Phillips, at D St. and Bonita. The Warehouse for Pizza across the street from T. Phillips. Red Devil for Pizza, shopping center on NE corner of Foothill and White.

                Claremont: Aruffo's for Italian on Yale in the Village, just north of the train tracks and one block east of Indian Hill. Back Abbey for burgers, fries, and Belgian beer, behind the Laemmle theatre on Indian Hill.

                Upland: Buffalo Inn for funky outdoor dining and delicious buffalo burgers.

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                1. re: heckonwheels

                  The Claremont Village locations are off the path for KQ. As is the Upland rec. Those are much closer to the 10 freeway than the 210. However, I do think that those recs are great! I love the king crab ravioli at Aruffo's...and the $5 wine flights are great, too! The Lounge at Hotel Casa 425 is really nice, too, for drinks. I quite enjoyed their martinis...the Violet was particularly good.

                  Hotel Casa 425
                  425 West First Street, Claremont, CA

                  1. re: attran99

                    Buffalo Inn is maybe a mile south of the 210 off of Mills, Claremont Village about the same. I wouldnt think either would be closer to the 10. Maybe about right in the middle. Either are easy to get to off of the 210. Towne exit for Claremont, Mills or Campus for Upland.

                    The wine flights are now $8 but they do have a new list of al ala carte entries for under $12. I love the outdoor lounge at the hotel during cold nights.

                    1. re: heckonwheels

                      Buffalo Inn doesn't seem to have a website nor menu on line. More than burgers right?? He likes the burgers but, I dont' eat anything 4 footed. Is it really worth the stop?? I like Funky, that's for sure and the word atracts me to the place.

                      I want to give him a couple of options, Babita, Din Tai Fung or a burger....

                      1. re: Kitchen Queen

                        They also do veggie burgers and salads. Home made potato chip that are just awesome too.

                      2. re: heckonwheels

                        There's a Mills exit on the 210? If I remember correctly, it's Towne, Baseline, Mountain, and then Campus. With Mountain and Campus being a little inconvenient to make it to the Buffalo Inn.

                        1. re: attran99

                          I'm sorry, yeah, it's the Baseline exit. Baseline runs east and west and Mills is the signal just to the west of the exit, it runs north and south. The exit is kinda the intersection of the two.