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Jul 30, 2009 04:06 PM

Ottawa, near Byward Market - great food wanted

Hi Everyone,

My husband will be working in Ottawa next week, staying near the Byward Market. Price and type of food unimportant, he just wants something really great. This could mean a great dive bar, a fun pub, steak house, sushi ... whatever is the very best within walking distance. Any info greatly appreciated.


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  1. on recommendation of users on this board, i went to sweetgrass aboriginal bistro. i had a wonderful meal - the food was delicious, well prepared and creative. the service was attentive but not overwhelming. things were served in a timely manner by a very capable server.

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    1. re: cheeser

      Sweetgrass is definitely the place to go in the market, and is fabulous. Most of the restaurants there are overhyped crap; it is a gem amongst rubbish.

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        I second Khao Thai. My wife and I had an awesome meal there last summer.

        1. re: pescatarian

          LOVE IT. They won't wimp out on the spice, either.

        2. Domus

          Talented chef...regional cuisine focus since a long time before it became popular.

          PLay Food...a small plates restaurant. I haven't eaten there, but it's from the guy who owns Beckta, which is one of Ottawa's best restaurants.

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            I second the Domus recommendation. My husband and I also were in Ottawa on business and had dinner at Domus one night. It was an excellent meal. The soup of the day made my spine melt into my chair... it was absolutely delish! Highly recommend it.

          2. This is all fantastic and helpful information. I'll insist he have a glass of wine for each of you. Thanks so much.

            1. Agree with other posters: PLAY, Sweetgrass and Domus.

              Also worthy trying are Navarra and Murray Street both on Murray Street.