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Jul 30, 2009 03:10 PM

Baton Rouge favorites

Where do you recommend in Baton Rouge? Cheap or Expensive.... I just like good food.

So far I have enjoyed Little Saigon for VietNamese, Thai Kitchen, Ruth's Chris for Steak and Superior Grill for Mexican. I love TJ Ribs.

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  1. ninfa's is decent mexican. juban's is decent.

    1. Fleur de Lis for Pizza and beer, definitely. Inga's for sandwiches. I enjoy the food at Chelsea's bar. And of course, the Blimpie's in the student union. I like Albasha, but there are tons of good options for Lebanese. TJ Ribs is about as high end as I ever get in Baton Rouge, but Juban's does seem to get consistently positive words.

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        TJ ribs is awesome btw. Especially for a college kid like myself who likes a challenge of finishing his plate. For vietnamese, go further down Florida and check out Pho Quhyn. Much more options and better quality and service. Chelsea's is pretty good too. For sushi, which BR is flooded with choices, I guess Ichiban is your best bet, although the happy hour at sake cafe is pretty decent too. Surprisingly, there are very few Chinese places in BR, except a few take out places...Nine dragon at lunchtime is a great deal...four items and a drink for 5.75. Deadly. Kona Grill has pretty good food for being where it is in perkins rowe.

      2. I've always liked Juban's as well. Started going there back in the 80's when Kenny Lacour was working there.
        Fleur de Lis has been one of my favorites as well.
        Too bad that Mickey's Gold Nugget isn't around anymore, that was some good steak, the place was a dump, but the steak was good.

        1. There are several good restaurants in BR. Louisiana Lagniappe, Parrains and Mike Andersons for seafood,and Mansurs and Jubans for upper end creole. Maison la couer does fine classic French food but is a small gem often overlooked on this board.
          Chinese: Hunan is quite serviceable and while short om ambiance there is a great dim sum place on a street off Airline near Olindes furniture called Dim Sun.
          Italian Genos and Ninos are good as is De Guilio bros of Perkins.
          Bistroeaux 333 and Stroubes and Little Village are part of the revival of the downtown area and are worthy of support.
          Lebanese :several options including Serops, Albasha, and Almaza.
          Anew place that I haven't been to yet is Marcellos in the same shopping center as Thai Kitchen.
          All the places I have given you are not chain restaurants but mom and pop operations. I hope you will support some of these rather than the big chains. Zea rotisserie and Acme are local chains and as such are exempt .
          Happy Eating.

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            Lots of good recs already. I'll add Brandt's Maisonette (on Government) for some excellent fine dining (Louisiana influenced continental) and for less formal, but still nice, dining Portobellos (couple of locations) - great Italian, steaks, and seafood.

            1. re: Leo in BR

              Thanks all. I have been to Brandt's and love the atmosphere and the service. The food was good too, but not great. I would return just for the atmosphere but the food didn't impress though it was more than adequate.

              I ended up going to DiGuilios. I found it subpar and overpriced for what it is. The sauce was just awful. This is realy not Italian food at all. I am surprised since Baton Rouge has better Lebanese and Indian food than most places in America. Bay Leaf is excellent as is Albasha. Also the Thai and Vietnamese are awesome.

          2. Pastime also has excellent pizza and its hard to beat the Chimes for bear and boudin balls.

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              Pastime, I forgot about that place, lots a time spent there way back when.

              1. re: roro1831

                One place not to go is Pimanyolis for barbeque. Service was horrible. Baton Rouge is very much the restaurant town and with an attitude like the one these people had I don't predict they last very long. There are way too many places where the servers go out of their way. The icing on the cake was the owner didn't give a damn when I called to complain. Poccorellos also has good spagetti but 0 atmosphere.