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Jul 30, 2009 03:07 PM

making plum jam - can i decrease the sugar called for?

how do i adjust for this? i'm making a simple plum jam from the chez panisse fruit cookbook. it's just fruit and sugar cooked til set.

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  1. You might be able to substitute 1/4 c of the sugar with xylitol.

    1. are you trying to cut down on the sweetness or the calories? (if it's a sweetness issue, substituting something else like xylitol defeats the purpose.) a little pectin will help it set up/gel properly if you want to use less sugar.

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        If you go the pectin route, I highly recommend Pomona's Pectin. It sets with the use of a little calcium instead of sugar-- it's super easy and well worth the hunt. My Coop has it and I've seen it at conventional grocery stores occasionally.

      2. Especially if this is your first time with jam, or with this recipe, best stick with the recipe. The sugar isn't just for sweetness.

        1. if you want to try the pectin route, this Eating Well recipe only calls for 1-2 cups of sugar for 12 cups of fruit...

          i also dug up this recipe for Low-sugar Plum Jam that doesn't call for actual pectin, but includes apples in the recipe (which contribute natural pectin)...

          1. Plums do have a lot of pectin, especially if you cook them with the skins. But, you will definitely want to test to be sure it gels before putting up the whole batch. This can usually be accomplished by putting a sample in the freezer to cool quickly. Of course, if this jam is going to be Christmas gifts or served to your MIL, for example, consider going by the recipe. If it was just for me and the family, and the only risk is that it might end up plum pancake syrup, I'd experiment. Your choice, of course.